Shalom Sesame DVD Series

Shalom Sesame DVD Series

The Shalom Sesame DVD Series is a Wonderful Learning Tool

As a child, I loved watching the Rankin Bass and Peanuts Christmas specials on television. Unlike children of today, who can pop in a DVD or watch a program on the computer, we only got once chance to view these programs.  If we missed it, we had to wait an entire year to see it again.  I even circled the times they were on in red pen in the TV Guide just to be sure I did not forget!

As much as loved watching those programs, as a Jewish child, I never saw anything for me to watch during any holiday season.  In the 1990’s, a small change began.  A few random Chanukah specials appeared on my local PBS station, so I immediately taped them for my daughter to view.

Rugrats, the popular Nickelodeon cartoon, came out with a Chanukah and a Passover special. I bought those VHS tapes as soon as they became available.

The Children’s Television Workshop, the creators of Sesame Street, also put out some wonderful Jewish themed videos at that time.  The world of Jewish learning through familiar characters was expanding.

Today, there is a plethora of Jewish DVDs available to parents.  One of the most popular is the Shalom Sesame DVD series.

Sesame Street is Known for Diversity

One of the core values of Sesame Street has always been that it does not matter what color your skin is-black, white or brown for people, and any color of the rainbow for Muppets-you are special for who you are.  What matters is how you act towards others and who you are on the inside.  On Sesame Street, there is no segregation.  People and Muppets coexist peacefully.

Sesame Street is also a show that helped children deal with reality.  For example, when Mr. Hooper died, they did not pretend that he retired to Florida.  They dealt with the subject in a way the preschoolers could relate to.
When Gordon and Susan adopted a baby, that was also dealt with in a realistic manner that young children can understand.

Familiar Characters Both Parents and Children Love

One of the reasons this series for children is so popular with both parents and children is that both are familiar with the characters.  Sesame Street is over forty years old-parents today grew up with many of the humans and Muppets that still appear on the screen today. There is a relationship with them that brings back wonderful memories of their own childhood.

Children today are also familiar with the Muppets and adults they see and look forward to watching them over and over again.

This Shalom Sesame DVD series can be purchased as a set of by individual holiday. It is a must have for Jewish fans of the show.

This is the full set which is occasionally available on Amazon. The discs are also sold separately here.

What Will You Find in the Shalom Sesame DVD Series?

There are twelve DVD’s in the 2010 series.  Some focus on particular Jewish holidays, others on Israel and some on Jewish tradition and culture.

They are:

Welcome to Israel

Chanukah-The Missing Menorah

Shabbat Shalom, Grover!

Grover Plants a Tree (Tu B’Shevat)

Mitzvah on the Street

Be Happy, It’s Purim!

It’s Passover, Grover!

Grover Learns Hebrew

Countdown to Shavuot

The Sticky Shofar

Monsters in the Sukkah

Adventures in Israel

Each DVD also includes over 20 minutes of bonus extras.

If you are looking for a special gift to give a Jewish child for a birthday or for Chanukah, then the Shalom Sesame DVD series is one to give.

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