Sheriff Callie’s Wild West Costume

Sheriff Callie’s Wild West Costume

Kids love to play dress up. Just give them a few props and their imaginations run wild. My own children had their own dress up box for years, and in it there was a mixture of licensed costumes (like Disney princesses and Toy Story characters), generic costumes (tuxedos and gowns that were child sized) and adult clothing and accessories that they could turn into anything they wanted.

Role playing and dressing up is an integral part of childhood. Children can become any character or personality s/he wishes and make up the story and dialog as they go along. Little ones can take their favorite character and put her into new adventures or she can act out familiar television episodes, movies or stories. This helps them better understand their world.

Children can also act out whatever problems or issues they may be experiencing at home. They work on their interpersonal relationships with a friend instead of the person with whom they are having the issue without any fear of repercussion. As a preschool teacher, my colleagues and I love to listen to the conversations that take place in the kitchen area, as that is where children reenact what happens at home. Parents, be careful of what you say and how you say it, because kids have no filter and they repeat everything!

Disney characters are some of the popular for children to play dress up. Some animated favorites have withstood the test of time, like Snow White and Mickey Mouse. With every new year, Disney introduces children and their families to new creations that they hope they will love.

The newest to hit the Disney Junior airwaves is Sheriff Callie’s Wild West. In a bold marketing move, Disney premiered the show online at the Disney Junior website and on it’s app this past November. Many children have already fallen for the calico cat who has a magic lasso and a heart of gold. Sheriff Callie looks after the people of Nice and Friendly Corners. She has a deputy, a woodpecker named Peck and a side kick, Toby the cactus.

Of course, there is music, lessons taught, and a bit of humor, all packed into each 11 minute episode.

Children who adore the show will eventually want a Sheriff Callie costume as part of their dress up box. Here is an official Disney costume!

Sheriff Callies Wild West Dress Up Dress  from Amazon

Here are some more ideas for a Sheriff Callie Costume:

Your child will adore dressing up and playing Sheriff Callie when she wears this costume!

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