Sheriff Callie’s Wild West Party Crafts

Sheriff Callie’s Wild West Party Crafts

Western Themed Crafts for Your Sheriff Callie’s Wild West Party

Your child’s birthday is always a reason to celebrate, especially when they are young. Unlike many adults, kids actually look forward to being an entire year older! They have such an infectious excitement as soon as they see that you are planning their special day. Kids love to be involved with the party planning, and I always included mine. Not that they had the final say, but from helping put the invitations in the envelope, shopping for the party goods and helping make the goody bags, my kids always knew that they had helped in making their special day fun.

As a mom, one of my favorite things to do was plan my children’s birthday parties. While some people stressed over this, trying to make sure it was perfect, I always focused on my kids and what they wanted. If they had the best time and ran up to me afterwards with a big hug and kiss as my “thank you”, then I know that I did my job…even if the cupcakes I baked did not look like they came from the most popular bakery in town.Sheriff Callie’s Wild West is Disney Junior’s newest hit program for the preschool set. Kids will be clamoring to have this as their theme, so here are some ideas for you to use for the craft portion of the party.

Reasons to Have a Party at Home

When I was a child, everybody had at home birthday parties. There was no such thing as a gymnastics party, spa party or bowling party. It was go to the party child’s house (in my case, apartment), play games, have cake, open gifts and go home.That was it.

There are many reasons to host a party at home, the primary one is to save money. I have done both home and out of the house parties, and home is much less expensive. A party at home also gives you permission to limit the guest list, as most people do not want a dozen or more preschool children in your home. As my children got older we did have more than this amount, but they are also easier to keep busy without worrying.

If your child’s birthday falls during nice weather, then the party can be held outdoors, keeping the inside safe from all of those kids. Kids can run around safely outdoors and not worry about knocking your things over. In addition, when food is served outdoors, there is a lot less clean-up for you to do!

Decorate Cactus Cookies

With your child, bake cookies ahead of time. Have guests decorate cacti with green icing and chocolate sprinkles.

Let party guests decorate a cactus cookie with green icing and chocolate sprinkles.

Cactus Cookie Cutter from Amazon

Craft Materials for a Picture Frame – Pictures Make Great Memories

Foam frames are perfect for any kind of party craft. Simply buy themed peel and stick foam stickers and you have a child friendly, low mess craft.

Package of Foam Frames from Amazon

At many parties my children attended, pictures were taken of them alone or with the birthday child. These were then either sent home as is or turned into crafts. The ones that were in frames lasted quite a long time. In fact, when my older daughter cleaned out her room recently, she found one of her an a friend who is still in her life today! Of course, that was made into a Throwback Thursday posting.

Make a Western themed picture frame for your Sheriff Callie party.

Western Themed Foam Stickers from Amazon


Tips for Planning the Perfect At Home Party from a Mom Who Had Done This Many Times!

Many people fear having a birthday party for children in their own home. I can understand that completely! It is a huge undertaking, and if you are a mommy of a certain age, you also want to impress others that you can actually pull it off. If you focus on the kids and not your peers, you will be a lot better off.There are two key components to planning a successful children’s party at home. The first one is planning and the second is getting help.

Party planning is really not all that difficult, but it will be stressful if you decide to do everything at the last minute! Here is a simple check off list of things to do:

1. Pick the date and time with a firm RSVP date. Make the party no longer than 90 minutes.

2. Send out invitations.

3. Plan the menu (keep it simple, these are kids!)

4. Plan the games, crafts and activities and buy what you need for each.

5. Buy the food, order or make the cake.

6. Make the goody bags if you are planning on handing them out.

7. Relax!

The second component is to have help. If you are fortunate enough to have healthy, active grandparents who live nearby, ask for their help. Siblings and cousins are also great family resources, as well as your spouse, of course!

If you are like me and have no family to assist you, here is where your friends come in. Do not assume that the moms who are staying are going to help, even if this is not a drop off party. Instead, ask a few of your closest friends to help with activities in advance. If they are your friends, they already know that you are short on help if family is not nearby.Assign one or two to help with the craft, others with cake and clean-up duty. This has worked for me time and again, and knowing that I did not have to do it all myself helped me to relax and enjoy what I had planned for my children!

Paint a Horseshoe Craft

If you do not mind a little mess, then this horseshoe painting craft is the one for your party!  Set down a plastic tablecloth on the floor as well as on the table, or go outside in the backyard if the weather permits. Have some Sheriff Callie colors on the table-pink, white and brown for Callie, green for Toby and red. blue and yellow for Peck and
let kids paint to their hearts content. Make sure you put their name in Sharpie on the back before you get started. Have them paint on a paper plate so it can be carried home easily.

Package of 36 – Horseshoe Unfinished Wood Cutouts from Amazon

A Sheriff Callie’s Wild West party craft is a fun way to spend time at your child’s party.

Featured image from Pixabay and edited by the author in Picmonkey.


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