Sheriff Callie’s Wild West Party Favors

Sheriff Callie’s Wild West Party Favors

Growing up, my favorite Western television show to watch was The Lone Ranger. While this was the 1970’s, the show was produced in the 1950’s during the Western’s television heyday. After my homework was finished, I was allowed to turn on the television to channel 11, WPIX, and watch the masked man and his faithful companion, Tonto, save yet another person and bring a villain to justice.

Westerns for older kids and adults have always been around, but until now, never has there been a television show with this themed created specifically for the age 2-7 set.

Disney Junior launched Sheriff Callie’s Wild West in November 2013 via app and via the internet. It made it’s broadcast debut on Disney Junior on January 20th, and it is already a certified hit with it’s target audience.

Should You Give Out Party Favors?

The new debate in the mommy world

Once upon a time, goody bags or loot bags were handed out at the end of a party to thank guests for helping the birthday child celebrate his or her special day.  One or two little prizes and some candy were all that were included.

Fast forward a few decades, and in some communities, party favors have become so fancy that they cost as much as the gift a person is giving to the birthday child! It is like there is a one-upsmanship in the competitive mommy world. Personalized name plates, gift cards to Dunkin Donuts and other fancy things have all appeared in gift bags at parties in my area.

On many online mommy forums, the great debate over whether or not party favors are necessary have appeared time and again. On the pro side of the fence, there are mothers who think there is no harm in handing out these trinkets and some candy.  After all, this a tried and true party tradition…why are the others raining on your parade?  Kids not only love goody bags with all kinds of favors inside, they have come to expect them. Did it ruin you in your adult life to receive these?

Bandana Cellophane Goody Bags- 12 Bags Per Package  from Amazon

On the “don’t give them out” side of the fence, mothers complain about the junk kids are given and all of the candy which is filled with artificial colors and high fructose corn syrup. While it is true that most of the tiny plastic toys are useless and unnecessary, not handing out party favors is like throwing the baby out with the bathwater. There are some wonderful party favors out there, and not all are junk and many are budget friendly.  There are also natural and/or organic treats that children can be given in lieu of pixie sticks and lollipops.

These mothers are also offended at candy being given out.  I am all for healthy eating, but unless there is a food allergy or sensitivity, a piece of candy will not do any harm.  If a child eats it all at once, then yes, there will be tummy problems later on.  But taking control of the chocolate and sugar intake is a parental responsibility.  Don’t take it out on the party mom!

Sheriff Callie Party Favors Kids Can Wear

Just about every child I know has a dress up box at one time or another when they are little. If you are not a fan of giving out candy or little items that can break or will get tossed, then here are some choices that are perfect for a Sheriff Callie themed birthday celebration.  Kids can use these long after the party is over and add it to their dress up collection. They can even wear these items during the party so that they can stay in character.

Enamel Cowgirl Charm Bracelets (8 to a set) from Amazon

If you do this, just be sure to label each child’s hat, bandana or sheriff’s badge before the party, as they all look alike and you know that they will be put down and no one will remember whose is whose!




Western Party Favors for a Goody Bag

If you like to hand out the old fashioned bag of goodies, here are some ideas for you to use. Books make a wonderful party favor and can be read over and over again.  Add some stickers and Western tattoos and you have a party favor that rocks! They are priced so that every child can go home with one.


Toby the Cowsitter Little Golden Book from Amazon




12 Western Crayons and Activity Books Party Favor from Amazon

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