Sheriff Callie’s Wild West Party Supplies

Sheriff Callie’s Wild West Party Supplies

Disney has another ratings winner on its hands!  The premiere of Sheriff Callie’s Wild West on January 20th, according to, had over 1.38 million viewers.  That is very impressive!

Why is this show already a ratings winner with the preschool set?

First of all, this Disney Junior program has the distinction of being the first western series aimed at young children.  It is a fun way to introduce the expressions, clothing, and history of America’s Old West without making it out to be boring.  This theme adds another place for a child’s active imagination to play out.  No guns or violence are necessary to introduce this genre to preschoolers.

Sheriff Callie is in charge of Nice and Friendly Corners, a fictitious old western town.  The townsfolk live by the “Cowpoke Code”.  This doctrine states that they will all live together and treat each other with fairness, honesty, cooperation and everyone participates in hard work.  Each and every one of these is a fantastic lesson to impart on young children, and Sheriff Callie and her friends teach this to youngsters in a non-preachy kind of way.

There is a dose of humor for adults to get, and each episode is only 11 minutes-just long enough to get the intended lesson across.

Singer Mandy Moore is the voice of Callie, and along with the other cast members, they not only teach these valuable life lessons to children, they also sing them, too!  This introduces children to the country/western genre of music on a level they can appreciate.

The supporting characters add a lot to the show’s appeal.  Peck, Callie’s deputy sidekick and Toby the Cactus, Peck’s best friend, add more dimension to each episode. The show’s creators had a fun time taming the Old West stereotypes and making them appropriate for today’s children.

Sheriff Callie is the Newest Kid’s Party Theme

When a new character is introduced and becomes as instantly popular as Callie, it stands to reason that kids will want their next birthday party to have her as a theme.  While there is no official Disney party pack available at this time, these pieces will create the perfect Sheriff Callie table for your daughter or son’s next party.

First, set the table with this cowgirl themed plastic table cover.  It is just enough to not be overwhelming.
Table cover for a Sheriff Callie party

Pink Cowgirl Plastic Tablecover from Amazon


Next, scatter some cactus confetti, which reminds kids of Toby, the good-natured cactus with a heart of gold.


Fanci-Fetti Cactuses

Fanci-Fetti Cactuses from Amazon


Time for plates and napkins! This cowgirl party pack fits in nicely with the theme.

Cowgirl Cutie Basic Party Pack Kit

Here is another version of a cowgirl party pack from Shindigz.

Pink Cowgirl Value Party Pack

Pink Cowgirl Value Party Pack from Amazon

This pinata looks just like Toby!

Cowboy Cactus 19

Hosting a Sheriff Callie’s Wild West themed party is fun for the kids and easy on you when you stick to the theme and let your imagination sour!

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  • I would like to know if i could Order sheriff callie party things for my daughter please and how do i paid. I would also like to know if there clothes for her Shes 8 mouths and takes 3 – 6 mouths . Many Thanks Joanne x


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