Sherman Costume Ideas from Mr. Peabody and Sherman

Sherman Costume Ideas from Mr. Peabody and Sherman

On March 7, 2014 Dreamworks Animation debuted a brand new computer genrated animated family movie entitled Mr. Peabody and Sherman.  Based on the late 1950’s and early 1960’s cartoon, the movie is about a dog named Mr. Peabody, voiced by Modern Family’s Ty Burrell and his adopted boy named Sherman, played by Max Charles.

Mr.Peabody is the world’s smartest dog, and it is the time machine that he invents that set the plot of the movie into action. The movie’s premise is that Sherman and his friend, Penny, use Mr. Peabody’s WABAC machine, and while doing so, they accidentally make a hole in the universe, changing the course of historical events. The now have to go back and right this wrong fix what they have done.

Hilarity ensues in what promises to be a family film that will be on everybody’s must see list.

Who Are Mr. Peabody and Sherman?

Set the Wayback Machine!

Jay Ward created Mr. Peabody and Sherman back in 1959.  Originally, this was not a stand alone show. Instead, it was a segment that was a part of the Rocky & His Friends cartoon series, which eventually became The Bullwinkle Show, and it also appeared on several others over the years.  There were ninety-one segments created, each being four-and-a-half minutes long.  The one thing each cartoon had in common was that it ended with an eye-rolling, get adults groaning pun said by Mr. Peabody.

The original voice of Peabody belonged to Bill Scott and Sherman was voiced by Walter Tetley.  It was a widely popular cartoon because of its futuristic time machine, which permitted the pair to go back and see how history “really” was, which was different that what was told in the history books.

Sherman Costume Ideas

Kids cannot help but like Sherman. He does things that he shouldn’t for the wrong reasons,much like actual children do. Here are some clothing pieces that when put together, make the perfect Sherman costume!

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What the Movie Can Teach

Unless you were lucky enough as I was to have a fantastic history teacher while in junior high school or high school, then the subject of history could be pretty boring.  My teacher brought the stories alive with all of his acting and “behind the scenes” stories that were not in the textbook.  History, if presented as just a bunch of facts and dates to memorize, does not make it enticing to learn.

Mr. Peabody and Sherman goes back to several different time periods, like ancient Egypt and ancient Greece, and we meet American presidents and other important people.  These historical figures come into modern times because of the hole ripped by the young pair. Throughout the movie, little bits of history are taught while entertaining the audience.

Not a bad way to learn some historical facts!

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