Womens Snow Boots

Womens Snow Boots

Need new snow boots? Whether you want furry boots, waterproof snow boots, white snow boots, pink snow boots, or just the best ladies snow boots you can find, this page can help.

Here’s how it’s organized. First, a section with pink snow boots. Next, there’s white snow boots (just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can’t look good). And, these will match if you’ve got a winter white coat.

Then, there’s some brand names you may be looking for, like Bearpaw (check out the furry boots!), Sorel, and Kamik.

Whichever one you pick, you’ll be able to walk through the snow, or go out and play with the kids (or even your own friends). Don’t be afraid to make snow angels and snowmen (why should kids have all the fun in the snow).

When you get home, go inside and make yourself a big mug of hot cocoa. My grandma always said that snowmen builders deserved a hot cocoa reward.

Pink Snow Boots

pink arctic snow bootsWomen’s Arctic Weekend Boots

These boots are mid-height (so they’ll come about mid calf-high). They’re great for walking to work, or even for going ice fishing.  They have a fleece lining that will keep you warm down to -40F. Since they’re rubber, if they get dirty, you can just hose them off.  The bottom has a contoured sole (for traction). Available in whole sizes 6-11M.


ugg pink button bootsUGG Womens Mini Bailey Button Boot Victorian Pink

Ugg boots are world famous, they’re very comfortable, and warm. They come in four different shades of pink, including flamingo, eraser, victorian pink, and raspberry sorbet. There’s a good range of sizes too, from 5M-11M. They’re not terribly tall, only about 5 1/2″ high, (basically an ankle boot), so they’re best if it’s cold, but there’s not much snow or slush.
bearpaw emma bootBEARPAW Women’s Emma Short Boot
Soft, warm, and they come in a beautiful shade of cranberry. Not quite pink, but pretty. It’s the designer look, without the designer price! They come in a nice range of sizes, from 5-12, so it’s a great option if you have larger feet. The lining is super soft, and about an inch thick so it will keep you nice and warm.


Making two snow angels by Joanne Goldby cc sa 2.0

Making two snow angels by Joanne Goldby cc sa 2.0


White Snow Boots

columbia white bugabootColumbia Women’s Bugaboot Winter Boot

Super-warm, with a special membrane that’s like a “space blanket for your feet.” They last for years, even if you work outside, and will keep your feet warm even if it’s -25F outside. Sizes 5-10 1/2M. Also available in black and different combinations of gray. Most say this fits as expected, but some found it small.  If you’re in-between sizes, you might want to size up.


baffin white snow bootsBaffin Snogoose boots

Soft, warm, waterproof, and comfy, even if you’re going ice fishing in -40F temps! Comes in white, grey, black, red, blue, and taupe. Comes in sizes 6-14 (!), including wide widths. They’re about 11 inches tall, so they’re great even if you have to walk through plow leftovers (you know, the mess that’s left after the streets are cleared).


Bearpaw Fur Boots

bearpaw furry boots Bearpaw Women’s Shako Boot

Covered in soft fox fur.  The boots are both warm and chic. They’re even warm enough if you live in Sweden (brrrr!). The sole is made of rubber, with a tread for better traction in the snow and ice.  Comes up to about mid-calf and is available in sizes 5-10.  Some reviewers found that  it runs small. You might want to go up a size. They also run narrow, so may not be a good choice if you have wide feet.


bearpaw white furry bootsBearpaw Womeans Boetis II White Boots

Big, white, and very fluffy. Make a fashion statement while keeping your feet warm. They’re about 10 inches tall and come in sizes from 5-12M. If you’d like another color, you can also get them in black, brown, tan, and charcoal.  The boots have an inner lining which makes them run a bit small. You may want to order a larger size than usual to get a good fit. If the fur gets matted, shake the boots out to fluff them up again.


wikimedia commons: public domain

wikimedia commons: public domain

Sorel Boots

sorel calgary 88 boots

Sorel 88 White Boots

This style was originally designed for the Calgary Olympics (which is where they get their name). The laces at the top and bottom of the boot let you adjust the boot to better fit your ankles and calves. These are extra tall, measuring about 14 inches high. They’re great for walking through snow drifts, snowmobiling, or hiking outside in the winter. Another nice feature is that the eyelets are outside the boot (no through holes), so water or wet snow can’t get through and get your feet wet.  These are white, but you can also get them in fuchsia with blue laces.  Available in sizes 5-11.

Sorel Womens Snowlion Boot

This boot has a super-tall shaft (14.5″) so you can walk through a foot of snow without getting cold or wet. The opening is quite roomy, so you shouldn’t have trouble if you have wide calfs. There’s a pull at the top so you can adjust it to fit your legs. The laces end half way up (so the snow won’t get in). There’s an extra lining too, which you can remove for washing or in slightly warmer weather. Whole sizes 5-12!



via Steven Saus on flickr cc 2.0

via Steven Saus on flickr cc 2.0

Kamik Boots

Kamik Womens Momentum Snow Boot

Lined entirely in fur for extra warmth. They’re so waterproof you can splash through a pond without getting wet. The laces are “quick tie”, instead of threading and tying them you just pull the bungee cord. They’re rated for -25 degree weather, so you can spend the whole afternoon playing in the snow without getting cold. Sizes 6-11, with some saying you should size down.


Kamik Snowvalley White Snow Boot

A nice tall (10″) boot that will keep the snow outside where it belongs (and away from your feet). They’re warm enough to tromp around all day in the snow (even if you’re visiting Iceland) or working outside in the snow.
Sizes 6-11 in white/gray or white/tan (plus thirteen more color combinations). Some say they run big, so adjust your sizing accordingly.


Which boots are your favorite? White? Furry? Or bright pink?


Cover photo thanks to VIctoria Henderson via Flickr cc 2.0



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