Best Snow Saucer Sled for Grown-Up Outdoors Winter Fun

Best Snow Saucer Sled for Grown-Up Outdoors Winter Fun

Who says that snow sledding is just for kids?  Extreme snow saucer action is a pile of fun for adults, if you’ve got a tough disc that can really fly!

Here in the Northeast, we know a thing or two about winter. To begin with, the best way to get through those cold dark months is to bundle up warm in layers, gather a crowd of buddies, and head out to the nearest hill with a heavy-duty grown-up version of the outdoors action toy we loved as kids – the flying snow saucer.

Metal or Plastic?

Looking for a Really Tough Snow Saucer?

Flexible Flyer USA - metal snow saucer sled

Flexible Flyer steel snow saucer, made in USA, is the best of the metal kind – our second choice for a flying saucer sled, after the tough MH Sleds shown below.

You might be tempted to go for a metal snow saucer, thinking that aluminum or steel will stand up best to the downhill speed bumps? Not so – except perhaps for that time-tested steel snow saucer,  the made-in-USA Flexible Flyer you might recall from your own childhood winters.

Aluminum sleds may be lightweight but they get dented and lose their speed and spin. And you have to keep them waxed or they start to stick on anything but the very coldest surface. Oh, and have you ever touched frosty cold metal with a wet mitten?  Never mind what it feels like in contact with bare skin. Ouch!

That’s why, if you aren’t totally wedded to the idea of a steel saucer sled, we recommend the heavy-duty plastic MH Sled saucers as top choice for the whole family.  Keep reading to learn more!

Flying saucer sledding

Believe it or not, a plastic snow saucer tends to perform better than the metal disc sleds, all round. But most of the plastic saucer sled just aren’t durable – oh, they’re good enough for a little kid on a gentle slope, but your average cheap “flying saucer” just can’t stand up for the serious fun.

What we need, my friends, is a heavy-duty plastic disc with a couple of easy-to-grip webbing handles that won’t jam your fingers against the ground or come off the first time you take your flyer for a joyride.

Heavy-Duty, Durable, and Wicked Fast

Snow saucer sled with web handles by MH SledsOut of the scenic and snowy San Gabriel Mountains of California, USA, comes the super-durable Heavy Duty Snow Saucer by MH Sleds.

This is the clear rig for your winter recreation –  a disc that’s a full quarter-inch thick,  just under 25 inches in diameter, and currently available in four colors you can’t possibly lose in a snowdrift: black, purple, blue, and orange.

MH Sleds call their made-in-the-USA snow disc “indestructible” – and they’re ready to stand behind that claim, giving you a lifetime guarantee against breakage.

Sure, the kids can use it too – great for the whole family, and it will probably last long enough to do for your grandkids, too.  But a great snow saucer will practically fly with the weight of an adult on board, putting the Power of Physics on your side for a wild downhill ride…

These snow saucers have been “going like hotcakes” so if you’re not fast you may find them sold out, temporarily. Not to worry, though, as our saucer-making friends at MH Sleds do keep restocking their Amazon store as fast as they can, so if you can’t get the color you want (because other people have bought them all, how thoughtless!!), do keep checking back every few days.

Get Yer Sledding On … Griswald Style

(Don’t Try This At Home, Kids!)

Okay, maybe not quite the Chevy Chase / National Lampoon Christmas Vacation kind of wild ride, but still … wicked fast, as we say in these parts.

Nip on over to Amazon to score your own unbreakable MH Sleds Snow Saucer,  and get in on some real outdoors fun this winter.  Desperadoes of the slopes just can’t do better than a sooperdooper MH Sleds Snow Saucer for enjoying winter in the Great White North!

Photo credits: Arms Out, For Balance – and for Show and Flying Saucer.


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