Soft Baby Toys: Our Family Favorites

Soft Baby Toys: Our Family Favorites

Soft baby toys are essential for the development of your little one coordination. They are very easy to grab and are the first step in hand/eye coordination. But there are so many soft baby toys on the market that choosing a good one can be difficult. I know, I’ve been through this. Luckily, I ran across Kathe Kruse soft toys and there was no coming back. My kids own 3  Kathe Kruse soft baby toys and we offer them as baby gifts all the time. Parents are always delighted to receive them because they are so cute, cuddly and… soft! So if you are looking for the perfect baby gift go ahead and offer one of these marvelous toys!

Kathe Kruse makes the best soft baby toys. Period.

When I had my son, 6 years ago, I wanted a grabbing toy that was not made in China. I wanted a soft, very very soft and cute grabbing toy. I also wanted a grabbing toy that doubled as a plush toy. Yes, I am very picky when it comes to baby toys. I ended up buying a Kathe Kruse Ikibab horse with a rattle inside. Made in Germany and durable. My son still has his horse and it is such a great quality toy that even after 6 years of everyday use, it’s still cuddly!

Ikibab Horse by Kathe Kruse

Ikibab Horse by Kathe Kruse 

This is the same horse my son has. It’s one of the old version and is the most difficult to find. It has a rattle inside and the tail and mane are silky soft. The newer version of this horse is white with colorful animals print on it.

When I gave birth to my daughter, I bought her the same gift as her brother: a Kathe Kruse soft baby toy. I choose the most beautiful and cute girly one: the pink cat. It’s cute, it’s pink, it’s soft, it’s high quality and it’s not made in China!

We also have a funny giraffe, both my son and daughter share this one. And we never go anywhere without the cat and the horse. They are really lightweight and don’t take much space, so no reason to leave them behind when we travel around. And the kids love to have them around.

We have also given many as gifts to new parents.So many colorful little animals to choose from: elephant, cat, giraffe, seahorse,owl and many many more. Some have rattles inside, some of them squeak, some have colorful labels or different fabrics (woven cotton, knit cotton, velour, and terry cloth) so your baby can start exploring and feel different textures. All are easy to grab and lovable.

Kathe Kruse Ikibab Grabbing Toy, Duck

Kathe Kruse Ikibab Grabbing Toy, Duck

Kathe Kruse offers more than soft baby toys, to see more and learn about this brand see this page: Kathe Kruse Dolls and Baby Toys


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