Sonic Scrubber Power Cleaning Brushes

Sonic Scrubber Power Cleaning Brushes

The Sonic Scrubber is a Real Power Brush that Makes Cleaning Easier

Have you ever heard of the Sonic Scrubber? So had I, and I didn’t believe it would do what they claimed. Until I tried it, that is. See my before and after grout photo!

If you’re tired of endless scrubbing by hand to get rid of tough stains, try the Sonic Scrubber. It’s truly a power device set that gets results without wearing you out.

This little household gadget is just amazing, and well worth every penny I paid for it.

I bought one on the recommendation of a friend a while back. I used to dread cleaning those little grout lines between floor tiles.  Yes, it was a real pain using a little scrub brush.  But, recently, as I was doing the ones in my kitchen with the Sonic Scrubber, I was reminded of how much easier this particular chore is with these little power brushes, and decided to pass the recommendation on to my readers.

 The Sonic Scrubber Can’t Work THAT Well – – Or CAN it???

First, let me make this clear: I am NOT a fan of infomercials. I’m not sure I’ve ever even watched one all the way through.

So, it follows that I do NOT rush to buy those products shown in infomercials. For the most part I don’t believe them, especially when they promise to make my life easier. They never do, and I’m right back where I started – hating housework, especially the part the product promised to solve.

Then, my friend Nancy told me her story. I won’t relate the whole thing here. Let’s just say it had to do with hard water, and stubborn rust streaks under the lip of her toilet bowl. She said that absolutely nothing she tried would get rid of those stains, no matter how long and hard she scrubbed.

Until she tried the Sonic Scrubber . . . . I mean, she really sang its praises!

OK. I was still a skeptic, but decided to try it on a little problem of my own.


Sonic Scrubber – Battery Operated Rotary Brushes

The rotary brushes on this little hand held scrub brush gadget oscillate and just clean like crazy with no need for a lot of elbow grease on your part!

Use it with the cleaning solution of your choice.

Great for getting into those hard to get to spaces that collect lots of dirt and or stains because they are so hard to reach.

Yes, I Bought a Sonic Scrubber

I really wasn’t completely convinced, even though I have no reason to distrust my friend who so enthusiastically recommended the product. But, I decided to give it a shot.Sonic-Scrubber-2

I got the Sonic Scrubber, and a set of extra brush head attachments. They were just what I needed.

Note: There is actually a Bathroom Sonic Scrubber and one that is designated for use in the kitchen.  However, I saw no reason to buy both, as long as I was buying the extra attachments.  I use one unit for both rooms, just different scrub brushes for different things.)

I have not tried the Sonic Scrubber Pro Detailer for cars, but if it’s anywhere as good as the product I use, I’m sure it’s got to be a winner, too.


Cleaning Grout Lines

A Nasty Cleaning Problem Solvedsonic-scrubber-grout

This handy little gadget has about a gazillion uses. One of them has helped me do a job that I have always dreading even starting.

See the dirty grout lines at the bottom? ugh.

And the clean ones at the top? Sonic Scrubber. This thing really works.

No, I didn’t suddenly fall in love with cleaning the grout lines, but is is a lot easier now.

Other places to try it:

  • Around the base of sink faucets
  • In small corners
  • Around the edge of the toilet
  • In sliding door tracks
  • On Grills
  • And grout lines, of course
  • Anywhere you can think of!

Watch These Power Scrubbing Brushes Go! – in the Kitchen and the Bath


Grout Cleaner – Non Toxic

Admittedly, I haven’t tried using a special grout cleaner. I usually grab whatever spray cleaning product I happen to have on hand. But, they DO make special solutions that will supposedly make the job even easier.

One Step Cleaner and Resealer promises not only to clean the grout, but also tile of all kinds, and reseal it all in one step.

Sounds almost too good to be true. But then, so did the Sonic Scrubber at first.

If it does do all that, combined with the scrubber, it seems like it would be almost like magic.

I may have to try this. It’s something to think about, anyway.


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