Great Star Wars Gifts For Men

Great Star Wars Gifts For Men

Hmm, after Star Wars Gifts For Men you are?  Speaking like Yoda never gets old, especially not for Star Wars fans. Did your star wars fan (or does he still) routinely fashion cardboard paper towel rolls into “light sabers” and challenge his friends (or maybe you) to duels?

If you think you clearly have a die-hard Star Wars fan on your hands then we have a few great gift suggestions for you, and if he’s like most guys who adore Star Wars, he will be happy to accept any gift that involves the epic saga. With the holidays quickly approaching, what follows are Star Wars Gifts For Men to help make it easy to choose for the man who secretly wishes Darth Vader was his father.

A Wooly Wookie or a Master Relaxer

If the temperatures in your part of the country are a far cry from the desert lands of Tatooine, keep him cozy in a Chewbacca hoodie. The brown fleece zip-up sweatshirt is guaranteed to keep your Wookie warm when temps start to fall.

After a long day applying mind tricks and advocating for peace in the Galactic Republic, any Jedi requires a little rest and relaxation, and nothing compares to a nice, warm soak in a tub. If a spa day is out of the question for the Jedi in your life, the least you can do when you buyStar Wars Gifts For Men is to buy them an officially licensed – and hooded! –  Jedi fleece bathrobe to help him at least feel like a Jedi Master.

If the guys on your Star Wars gift for men list have a tendency to turn more to the dark side, perhaps a Stormtrooper bathrobe is more appropriate. And bonus – he can keep his blaster rifle on hand, in case of a Rebel attack in the bedroom.

From Man Cave to Millennium Falcon

Change that dingy basement or ordinary garage hangout into a Millenium Falcon with amazingly realistic RoomMates Peel-and-Stick Giant Wall Decals. He can pretend he’s flying through the galaxy with R2-D2 and C-3PO at his side. And enjoy doing this, he will, when he peels off the droids and sticks up a life-sized Yoda for those moments when only the wisdom of the most renowned Jedi Master is needed.

Planetary Professional

C-3PO Seiko Watch

For the Star Wars fan who has to keep his interests a little low-key for work – or for meetings of the galactic congress – he’ll need to look sharp and professional. To help him keep track of the date and time in this galaxy, yet still maintain his Jedi cool, SEIKO BRIGHTZ makes a C-3PO wristwatch. Perhaps one of the ultimate Star Wars Gifts For Men, the band is black stainless steel, and the face of the watch features gold elements. Each lightweight, water-resistant, limited-edition watch is numbered, and features an etched C-3PO on the backside.

When he introduces himself to new clients, they may find themselves impressed by his taste in timepieces, but his Han Solo in Carbonite Business Card Case is what will no doubt win them over to his side.  The spring-loaded case opens up to reveal 12 business cards – and the true geekiness of the ultimate fan with these contributions to the Star Wars Gifts For Men in your life .

Millenium Falcon Cufflinks

But no professional intergalactic wardrobe is complete without the pièce de résistance –Millenium Falcon cufflinks. These high-flying, palladium-plated, brushed cufflinks are the perfect gift for your personal Han Solo. They come complete with a black gift box emblazoned with the Star Wars logo.


Accept the challenge, you will

Finding the right Star Wars Gifts For Men are not so difficult when you use the force — of the internet. Although this list is far from exhaustive, it provides a great starting point for suiting up and preparing your wannabe Jedi for any challenges he faces as he braves the daily challenges of this – or any other – galaxy.


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