Star Wars Yoda Themed Gift Ideas

He may only be small in stature but he’s also one of the most powerful of the Jedi’s in the whole Star Wars series. Since he’s also full of a lot of wisdom too, it’s no wonder that kids and adults enjoy anything collectible or fun with the character Yoda. Learn much from the Jedi Master, they can! You will discover a selection of popular toys and gifts for young and old fans all here on one handy page with action figure toys, Lego, plush options and more.

If you’ve tried looking on other sites for appropriate items from these Sci-Fi movies, it can become very challenging sifting through to find exactly what you want. Because there is just so much available, it fast tends to become overwhelming when you look. So let this science fiction enthusiast and geek suggest a selection of items here that will suit those who have the little green Jedi Master as a firm favorite in their own universe.

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Underground Toys Star Wars 15" Talking Plush - Yoda

Get this Yoda Plush Toy

Love hearing this little character speak? Listen to his wisdom with a talking plush, you can! I think Yoda has all the wisdom that anyone needs to listen to in the Star Wars universe. This is a soft looking, 15 inch sized plush that kids should enjoy when they press his tummy and hear him talk. This little guy likes to repeat some of his most memorable Star Wars sayings such as: Judge me by my size do you. Size matters not.

Children can enjoy the cuddly and soft aspect of this toy which they may well want to carry everywhere with them. Plus they have the additional fun of being able to hear their favorite character speak on demand too. There are also some super-soft plush versions of this character that don’t talk and of course they then do not require any batteries to be appreciated and played with either. These guys can be really soft and cute and perfect for kids to carry around the home, on car journeys and also take to sleep with them at night.

LEGO Star Wars Duel on Geonosis with Yoda Mini Figure

Buy this Lego Star Wars with Yoda Minifigure

You can buy Yoda minifigs but it is my own personal opinion that you may as well spend just a little bit more and buy a bigger set like this which also features the minifigure of this character (as well as others) and can be played with for a long time by kids who love their Star Wars themed Lego sets. There are more toys and gift items displayed below.

There is also an AT-RT Set with Yoda, Clone Trooper and Droid Captain MiniFigs. This is a fun looking Lego set for kids because you actually get quite a lot packed in for the price. It comes with an AT-RT which is otherwise known as a All Terrain Recon Transport or more simply and better known as a Walker. This is the two-legged transport system that the Clone Trooper rides in – it measures around 7 inches tall so is a good size to start with. You also get a Sniper Droid and 3 very cool looking Lego Minifigures including Yoda with his lightsaber.

Funko Yoda Star Wars Pop Figure

Get this Funko Yoda Figure

There are lots of Yoda figures available and it can hard to know which one(s) to choose. Some of them are very expensive because they are older models or collectibles. With the more playable action figures, the thing to look for as a children’s toy is a figure that a) looks like the actual character and b) one that comes with this Jedi Master’s all-important green lightsaber. The lightsaber is necessary for this character when dueling with an opponent from the Empire. There are many other characters available in this line with the newer ones being Kylo Ren, BB-8, Rey and Finn from The Force Awakens.

Star Wars Lego Yoda Figurine Alarm Clock

Get this Lego Yoda Alarm Clock

This digital clock has an alarm function, is backlit for night viewing and has moving arms. This could make a great gift for a themed bedroom. It is a cute looking Lego digital clock with an alarm and moving arms. Yoda seems like great fun for night-time use because the display lights up when you push his head down. The numbers are big and easy for people to read with a 12 and 24 hour display. It takes batteries although reviewers say they last a long time. It looks cute and it is practical too.

Another idea on this theme is to look for some large wall decal stickers. You can get ones where this character’s lightsaber glows in the dark too. This can set a real Yoda scene in a child’s bedroom or playroom. It will surely inspire imagination based play with other Star Wars toys such as lightsabers, action figures and playsets. Besides which, a glowing lightsaber could be very comforting to kids who don’t sleep well. Have fun choosing something geeky and cool and finding the right product.

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