Storing Your Guitar Collection In The Right Climate

Storing Your Guitar Collection In The Right Climate

Guitars can be damaged when stored in the wrong environment. Here we look at the climate factors that can damage them and how to protect them against wear and tear.

Guitars are beautiful instruments, and look gorgeous fixed onto a wall or placed on a stand in the corner of a room. However, when you have a guitar collection it gets tricky knowing where to store them without them taking over the space. After all, they’re not exactly the most easily shaped of items when it comes to putting them in the cupboard. It can even be hard keeping your one beloved guitar with you if you’re having to rent a single room, or occupy a cozy urban apartment which barely has enough room for you let alone an instrument. For these reasons, many people choose to store their guitar collections in self storage. Even cheap self storage has proper climate control and great security, which means that your valuable collection is in the safest place other than your home; in fact it is probably more secure than your home because of all the security measures.

But storing any musical instrument in the right environment is really important when it comes to keeping them in good condition. Here’s why:


Instrument parts are often glued together and the glue used can only remain stable up to a certain temperature, then it starts to degrade. When the glue in a guitar is put under immense heat stress, it will literally pop apart at the bridge which causes the string tightness to suffer, and more damage occurs the longer it is subjected to the heat stress. The finish of the guitar can also be affected by heat stress, causing it to look spotty and mottled. This kind of damage is expensive to repair, especially if your guitar is rare.


High and low humidity will have an effect on your guitar, how it looks and how it sounds. High levels of moisture will warp the guitar, expand the wood and cause the entire instrument to misalign. Low levels of humidity can cause the guitars wood to dry, shrink and crack. The humidity in a room affects all kinds of wood, a guitar is not immune to this. As with heat stress, the longer the wood is exposed to extreme levels of humidity, the more damage will be caused.


Dust will eventually damage all areas of an instrument and a guitar is no exception – outside and inside. Externally the dust will combine with other harmful things like skin oils, body moisture, debris and other things to create a film on the guitar which will damage it over time, much like plaque builds up on the teeth and damages the gums. Internally a build up of dust will keep moisture in and affect the quality of sound.

Invest In Climate Controlled Self Storage

When you place your guitar collection in self storage, opt for climate controlled self storage to protect your instrument against heat, humidity and dust.

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