Soft Stuffed Squirrel Plush Toys

Soft Stuffed Squirrel Plush Toys

They’re not everyone’s favorite animal but I’ve always had a fondness for squirrels since I grew up with them being in our back yard. Many pleasant hours were spent with me on my swing watching these charming and inquisitive creatures race up and down the tree trunks and leap between the branches.

I’m lucky that now I’m all grown up with a home of my own, I still get to see them close up in the park just opposite. Some of them are very tame and will come up close especially when you have food. While you’re unlikely to be able to cuddle a wild squirrel, you can certainly cuddle a Stuffed Toy Plush Squirrel as those will stay still long enough to hold!

Grey Gray Squirrel Plush Toy

Click the image to view the Gray Squirrel with Nut at Amazon

For a child’s soft toy, this is a really lovely looking squirrel plush. This little fella has really cute features and I love that he is holding a nut between his front paws too because you often see these animals in just this pose. Comments from owners really pick up on the softness of this particular toy and just how cute it is as a gift for a child to hug and hold. This would certainly be the one I’d choose if buying for a young boy or girl.

He has a really friendly and approachable expression and the pose and overall design makes this Gray variety look like a more realistic toy while still retaining his cute factor. You can get some really realistic looking varieties (in fact I have one just below) but they don’t always make for the best toys. This one is cute and cuddly enough to be played with.

Realistic Plush Stuffed Gray SquirrelIf you want realism and if you want more of a collectible plush more for display purposes or as a gift to an adult, this Buy this Realistic Look Gray Squirrel Plush is ideal.

This is definitely one of the most realistic plush animals that I’ve come across. He is a Hansa plush and they are well known for making great quality and lifelike animals.

The fur coats, for example, are hand cut to create a more unique and realistic item and there are lots of hand finishing methods to ensure your little guy is true to form.

If you compare this one to the previous little chap with an acorn, you can really see the difference between the two. The first looks more like a good quality and cute toy while this one looks more like a collector item.

I hope you are finding this goody guide to be useful because it has been written with care. I think this design is absolutely ideal for anyone who is a big fan of these sweet creatures.

Get this Squirrel Toy Puppet for Kids

Click the image to view this Gray Squirrel Puppet at Amazon

Gray Squirrels are not just an all-over gray color, they also feature white fur which tends to be under the chin and throat area and around their stomachs as well as more of a brown or tan color tail. This toy plush puppet has got the fur coloration down well to make a design which resembles more of the real creature.

We often tend to think of these animals as being vegetarians because of their diet of nuts and seeds but they do also enjoy eating bird eggs and also insects so they are in fact omnivorous. Much of their diet is a vegetarian one but not strictly so.

Folkmanis have made this really gorgeous gray puppet which will appeal quite strongly to children due to the moving head, mouth and arms which you can operate by hand. You can’t see it in the image but this one also comes with a nut which is attached with a ribbon so it does not easily get lost.

Webkinz Red Squirrel Plush Toy for Kids

Of course there are lots of the Gray variety as this is the one common to America. The red variety is actually local to England where it flourished in numbers until the Gray variety was introduced from America back in 1876. Since then the Reds have been in decline as they are unable to adapt as well to the changing environment as the Grays are.

You can teach children about the differences between the varieties by getting them a Buy this Red Webkinz Plush Squirrel as well.

When you buy a Webkinz animal, you’re purchasing more than just the actual stuffed soft toy itself. With this toy, you also get a special code which you can then enter online at the Webkinz website. This allows children to add new creatures and animals to their virtual world from their collection. Now all you need to do is decide which one to get.


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