Thanksgiving Craft Kits for Kids

Thanksgiving Craft Kits for Kids

Most children love to make crafts. It is a great source of pride for them to put the finished product on display for everyone to see. Because the holidays are such a busy time, there may not be time to run to the craft store to get all the different materials to make a particular craft. Young children also have limited attention spans.

The answer to both of these issues are craft kits for kids. They come with all of the pieces you need and can be delivered right to your door. These craft kits can be used to keep little people busy as the older ones watch the game or prepare the meal.

Teachers can use them for their class Thanksgiving feast. or used as a small gift for their parents. They help ease the prep work for busy preschool and primary grade teachers.

Tips for Crafting With Kids

1. Cover the table with newspaper. It protects the table and makes clean up a breeze.

2. Put the craft items on a paper plate. If crafting with more than one child, write the chiid’s name on the back of the craft to easily identify it later.

3. Try to help as little as possible.

Turkey Craft Kits

The most recognizable Thanksgiving symbol is ready to be made into all kind of crafts for kids. These whimsical designs will brighten up any place they are displayed. The following craft kits come in bulk lots and are prefect for parties and Sunday School.

These are all made out of foam. Foam craft kits for kids are a lot of fun. It is convenient for parents and teachers because everything you need is included-all you have to do is provide the glue. Children use eye-hand coordination when putting everything together, as well as their fine motor skills. There is a sense of accomplishment when they are done.

These ready made foam craft kits are also durable and won’t rip like paper. They are great for preschoolers, kindergarten to second graders and younger girl scout troops like Daisy and Brownie scouts.

While some foam craft kits for kids come with adhesive on the back and require no glue, others will need glue or glue dots to be put together.  Be sure to have any additional supplies you need before you sit down to craft with the kids.

This turkey craft kit is a great way to have fun with the kids this Thanksgiving. It makes 24, making it perfect for class parties or Girl Scouts.

This craft kit makes 24 turkeys and is available on Amazon

Owl Turkey Ornament Craft Kit (1 Dozen)  from Amazon

Great Thanksgiving craft kit for Girl Scouts!


Make a charm bracelet comes with enough to make 12 bracelets.

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