The Angry Birds Movie Party Ideas

The Angry Birds Movie Party Ideas

Unlike many adults, children love to celebrate their birthday. For them, getting another year older is exciting and full of new adventures. Being able to ride a bike to a friend’s house alone, staying up later on a school night, or being able to stay at home by themselves while a parent runs a quick errand is a visible sign that they are becoming members of the “big kids” club.

Another reason children love when their special day is approaching is that there is a lot of preparation and planing for their birthday party. Many kids like to help plan their own parties, whether it is selecting the venue or picking out a theme.

One of the popular themes for upcoming birthdays will be based on the new hit film, The Angry Birds Movie. This computer generated animated film has grossed over 220 million dollars worldwide after less than two weeks. It is a film that children are flocking to and parents are taking them. Kids will be wanting to see their favorite characters as a party of their special celebration.

Why Are The Angry Birds So Popular?

The characters began as an app created by a video game designer from Finland named Jaakko Iisalo, who worked for a small mobile games developer called Rovio. After playing with his sketches for a week, he showed them to his bosses. In late 2009, it was released as an app an instantly became a hit.

The game has many components that make it successful-visually compelling characters make it pleasing to the eye. The game is easy to play-anyone can touch the screen and begin. Users continue to engage with the game because it is not as easy to master as one might think.

And one of the most important reasons it is popular is the wide audience the game reaches. This is not a game for kids, but a game that adults enjoy playing as well. Since adults hold the pursestrings, this has also led to its enormous success.

Get The Invitations Out Early

Older adults who remember a simpler childhood complain about this, but today’s kids are busy going from one activity to the next. Parents need time to clear the calendar so that their child can attend another child’s birthday party.

If you are having a party on the weekend, then you can send the invitations out three weeks in advance, four tops. If you are having it at an odd time, say after school or during a long weekend, then parents may need additional time to find alternative child care for their other children or to change their other plans. Most parents are willing to do that if the child is a good friend.

Themed postage stamps add an extra bit of pizzazz to your party invitation. If you are hosting an Angry Birds Movie themed party, here is one of several different designs you can use.

This is one of several different Angry Birds postage stamps that you can customize for your child’s invitation.

You can find it here on Zazzle.

Since we have become a society that relies heavily on cell phones to do our communication, include a cell phone number and an email address for guests to RSVP. Many people have become phobic about speaking on the phone, and these two options are a from of communication make it easy for them to respond to you. If you have their information, you can also text or email them if they have not responded by the RSVP date.

Make the RSVP date one week before the party and do not worry about a child or two whose parents have not responded. Be prepared if he or she shows up and have extra party favors on hand.

The Angry Birds Movie Party Supplies

The centerpiece for any birthday party celebration is the table. This is the place where all of the guests will gather to celebrate the reason you are all together-the birthday boy or girl. Your child can help you pick out the supplies and set the table so that they feel that they are helping in a big way.

This Angry Birds The Movie Party Express Pack for 16 Guests will be a hit at your child's party.

Photo from Amazon

This Angry Birds The Movie Party Pack for 16 guests includes napkins, plates, cups and three “Happy Birthday” stickers. Because of the many colors in the design, your plastic table cover can be blue, red, green or orange. If you are serving cake, then the plastic forks can also be one of these colors as well.

This set of Angry Birds balloons will brighten up your child's party whether it is held indoors or outdoors.

Birthday Balloon Set from Amazon

What is a party without balloons all around? Kids adore them and they are an inexpensive way to brighten up any kind of space-indoors or outdoors. This set comes with everything you see: 4 mylar character balloons, two mylar round balloons, and nine latex balloons in red, yellow and black. Put one or two on your mailbox if the party is being held at home so people know where your house is. If you are hosting the party at a venue, then make sure your child’s favorite bird is tied to his or her chair.

Games to Play at Your Party

Every birthday party needs games to play, and this is especially true for this one. After all, this is an interactive video game, so what you choose to play should reflect the action as well.

Launching Games

If you have having an outdoor party and the weather is warm enough, why not have a water balloon launching contest? After all, what do people do to the birds? This game would fit in perfectly with the theme. If you do not plan on getting wet, then this launcher can be used with plush Angry Birds, soft Nerf balls or Styrofoam balls.

Need a fun outdoor game for your Angry Birds Movie themed party? Launch water balloons and see which one goes the farthest.

The Patriot is a highly rated water balloon launcher that can be found on Amazon.

Knock It Down and Build It Up

Here is a fun game that kids are going to enjoy playing. Get a bunch of cartons of assorted sizes and shapes, making sure that each team has the same number of boxes. If you want to get fancy, you can wrap the boxes in wrapping paper or paint them different colors.

Start the race by having the first player build a tower with the cartons. The next player knocks it down. The third member of the team builds it up and the next one knocks it down. The race is over when every person has had a turn doing one of the jobs. Replay the game with each person doing the opposite job from the first round.

Egg Hunt

Since the birds are so angry that the pigs are stealing their eggs, then an egg hunt is another game that fits into this party theme.  If you are not keeping it a surprise, then your child can help you fill the eggs with wrapped candy (nothing that can melt), temporary tattoos or stickers.  You can hide them all around the yard. 

Before the game begins, hand each child a brightly colored lunch bag or an Angry Birds goody bag to collect the eggs. Make sure adults supervise that one child is not hogging all the eggs.

Pop the Balloon

The Green Pigs are the enemies of the Angry Birds since they keep stealing their eggs. The children can pretend they are the birds and get back at the pigs!

Blow up a few dozen green balloons. If you want, you can make pig faces on them. Scatter them around the yard or in the play room and when you say “Go!”, the children will sit on them to pop them. Because of the small latex pieces and the loud popping sound, this would be a good game for older children who no longer put small items in their mouths or are afraid of loud noises.

The Angry Birds Movie Cake and Cupcake Ideas

One of the best parts of the birthday party celebration is getting to eat cake! The size you select depends on the number of children and adults guests that you are having.

There are many Angry Birds cake toppers and cupcake rings that you can buy that will turn an ordinary sheet or round cake into a cake to match your theme. No fancy bakery tools are needed to create your very own masterpiece. Your child can add the toppers and rings to the cakes. Better yet, bake the confections with your child for added memory making.

This Angry Birds Movie cake topper set has all of the main characters from the film. After the party is over, your child has a wonderful play set to use for all kinds of imaginative play.

Photo from Amazon

This cake topper sets includes 12 characters from the movie. They are all 1.2 to 2 inches high and are made of PVC plastic. Use them to decorate an ordinary sheet cake and transform it into the themed caked your child will love. You can find this set on Amazon, as well as many other kinds of cake toppers and cupcake rings.

Other Food to Serve

In addition to the traditional birthday cake, you may also want to serve your guests other things to eat. If it is lunch time, why not make mini pigs in a blanket?

If you want to serve a healthy food option, why not a colorful fruit salad with bananas, grapes, blueberries, watermelon and strawberries? Young children may have an issue with food touching, so you can always have separate bowls for the cut up fruit and have the children eat only the ones they like.

Another fun treat to make are Rice Krispie treats in the shape of an egg. They do not have to be large since you are serving cake, but it is an another treat to serve. Dip them in melted chocolate and roll in red, yellow, green or blue sprinkles.

Last But Not Least, Party Favors

The final part of your party planning includes the favors for guests. My personal favorite things to give is a book of some sort. While Angry Bird books might not have Caldecott Award worthy illustrations or be Newberry Award winning literature, a book that get a child to read is better than a book that sits unopened on a shelf. Therefore, any one of the Angry Birds Movie books out on the market make it an easy and inexpensive party favor to give.

This ANgry Birds Movie coloring book is one that kids will enjoy receiving as a party favor. It can be used at anytime in any place.

Available on Amazon

Coloring books are also a great favor for guests as well. This one is based on the film. Add some crayons or colored pencils if you wish for a favor that parents will not toss in the trash when their child is not looking.

Planning the perfect birthday party for your child is easy one the theme has been selected. These Angry Birds Movie party ideas will help you plan an event your child will appreciate.


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