The Best Inflatable Intex Pool for Kids

The Best Inflatable Intex Pool for Kids

When I was a child, I always belonged to a swim club. Living in an apartment in Queens, New York, the pool club was the social hub of summertime. After playing outside until lunch, we ate at home and then my mom took us across the street to swim and play until dinner time. She sat on her lounge chair and hung out with her friends while I played on the playground or in the sandbox and then headed into the pool to cool off.

Even when we moved to the suburbs, going to the swim club was still a part of my life. As a young teen, my mom just dropped me off to hang out with my friends, and when I got my driver’s license at sixteen, I drove there myself. It was a fun way to pass the lazy days of summer before I had to get a job!

When I became a mother, my husband and I bought our daughter one of those hard blue kiddie pools for backyard fun. When she got older, we joined a swim club and went there on the weekends until our twins arrived.

Once they were born, going to the swim club became a burden. There was so much to schlep! Eventually, we decided that it was just not worth our time going, as it was so stressful to get there, set up, watch two babies, and get home before the crankiness of nap time set in. Our older daughter always wanted to stay, and if we were lucky, friends were there to keep an eye on her and later take her back home.

When our twins were four, we decided to invest in an Intex Easy Set inflatable pool for our backyard. It was one of the best decisions we have ever made!

Our First Intex Pool

Intex Easy Set 12-Foot by 30-Inch Round Pool Set is perfect for families with small children. There is room for lots of family fun!

This photo shows the first inflatable pool from Intex that we purchased. It is durable, and if you take care of it properly, it will last you for several years, as it did for us.

First, make sure to set the pool up on level ground, and invest in a pool liner for it to sit on. When it is time to empty the pool, it needs to air dry in the backyard. To keep the pool functioning properly, you will need to buy your own chemicals to keep it free from algae. It is a great starter pool and helps you see if you really want to invest the money and the time to get an underground pool.

When water is filled in this pool, it is a little more the three feet deep, perfect for those who have young children. My kids always went in with water wings until they were strong swimmers. It fits a float or two, and we all have many fond memories of playing in the backyard and then going in for a swim and cooling off.

The Benefits of Owning an Inflatable Pool

My family has really enjoyed pool ownership these past eight years. First of all, the investment is truly minimal. Pool memberships cost hundreds of dollars, if not more, and if you don’t use it, you have thrown money out the window. For a minimal investment, you can own your very own pool! If you are good at taking care of things like my husband is, your pool will last for several summers, until your kids outgrow the first size and youa re ready for the next one.

Second, having a pool is a very social thing. When my kids were younger, they only went to camp three mornings a week. That left me a lot of time to entertain them and I had a very small budget for outings. The simple solution was to invite people over with their kids (after lunch) and have them swim. I served ice pops, ice cream, and other inexpensive treats to the kids and my friend and I would indulge in iced cappuccinos I made for us. We had many happy afternoons with our friends and it cost me practically nothing.

Another benefit to having an inflatable pool is that it is not a permanent structure. Once the summer is over, you deflate it and have your yard space back again. You can pick which area of the yard you want to have it. We had ours near a shady tree, but not under it. The tree was for me to sit under if I was not in the pool with my kids!

Personally, I really enjoyed just being at home and not dragging my kids out of the house. Jumping in the pool with them and playing really broke up the monotony of the long summer days, especially when at that time, my husband rarely was home before nine or ten at night. The sun and the water tired them out so I could have an hour or two or peace before I crashed into bed at night!

How to Store Your Inflatable Pool

Unlike a regular above ground pool, the Intex inflatable pool is not meant to be up year round. It can be damaged by snow and harsh low winter temperatures. How disappointing it would be to try and fill it up when the weather warms up, only to find out there are rips and tears that cannot be repaired!

Once the pool is drained, you will want to clean it before letting it dry. Then roll it up and store in your shed or garage, preferably in the box that it came in.

There was always squeals of excitement when the day came for my husband to take it out of the shed and put it back up! It meant that summer had finally arrived!

My kids are now past twelve, and we have graduated to the larger Intex metal set pools. They still love when pool day arrives, and as soon as they help set up the structure, they are in the pool with the hose as it fills up.


A pool skimmer is a must hav eitem for your Intex easy set pool.This pool skimmer is highly rated and available on Amazon.

No matter where you set up your pool, you will have to skim it for leaves, grass, bugs and dirt. My children actually love doing this job, as they want a pristine pool every time they go in. A pool skimmer is a must have item for any pool owner, no matter what size it is.

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