The Magic World of Swarovski Crystal Designs

The Magic World of Swarovski Crystal Designs

No longer just confined to jewelry designs, the magicial world of Swarovski Crystal can now be found in interior decorations, accessories and many other sparkling items.

Swarovski is synonymous with glamour and splendor. Hollywood delights in decorating its Oscar sets and Catwalk costumes with these amazing crystal elements. You will find many creative and decorative uses of these sparkling decorations in handbags, watches, brooches, footwear and items other than the usual ornaments, sculptures and figurines.

Perhaps the success of this brand relies on a rich line of traditions, heritage and innovation. The craftsmanship, precision and the techniques of crystal cutting is a science that is well cherished and also a trade secret of the brand. It is a reputed leader in the field of fashion and glamour. Swarovski produces an array of elements that keep their competitors on their toes. The products are perfect, like the iconic and conventional crystals. The techniques employed to make them are top notch methods used in the company.

Swarovski Crystal Blue Jays Figurine

Swarovski Crystal Paradise Pair of Blue Jays Figurine

Who was Daniel Swarovski?

Daniel Swarovski was the man behind these sparkling, glimmering crystals. The man has become a legend with his innovative technique to employ a machine to design and cut the fine crystals. Advances in cutting technology gives this company the edge to succeed in today’s rather cut-throat competition. You can easily witness the success of this family-owned business which is extended globally to 42 different countries and has more than 17000 employees plus.

Jet Black Swan Sculpture

Swarovski 1098643 Swan Jet, Black

Why is this brand so successful and popular?

The success of a company lies in its process, traditions and rich heritage. The Swarovski Company is continuously evolving and the brand is synonymous with high quality, unique craftsmanship, precision and creativity. Advances in technology and innovation sets the company apart from the other glass and crystal manufacturers. The company has marked out a niche to its credit and that sets it in a completely different light from its competitors. It is an epitome of cutting edge technologies when it comes to crystals.

What is this crystal?

Swarovski is more than processed silica. Every crystal component is designed skilfully with finesse and precision. Elaborate shapes and diamond cuts give it a sparkling appearance. The various shapes capture and radiate light in many spectacular ways with distinct glittering patterns. There is a lot of science behind the glitter and shimmer of flashing tessellations: why forms take the designated shape and what geometric shapes are used for jewellery, decorative accents, figurines and accessories.

Wonders of the Sea Fish Figurine

Swarovski Community Clear 854651 Annual Edition 2007

A Sparkling Crystal Garden

Have you ever walked in a garden full of crystals and gemstones? The amazing collection of this company in Austria is like a paradise that is a never ending world of glitter. You will find all the rainbow shades that you can dream of. From the bright and vivid emeralds to the demure and soft shades of spring, it is like a garden on the colorful palette of crystal. The garden of glass looks like sparkling crystals are in full bloom wherever you happen to set your eyes to.

The insight in the finesse and the expertise in the details is amazing. You are bound to fall in love with the adorable organic designs that bring forth motifs like roses, lilies, butterflies, dragonflies, peacock and hearts in spectacular cuts that dazzle in sparkling brilliance. If this doesn’t interest you, you will definitely love the trendy collection of multi-color pendants and amethyst rings that are both beautiful and stylish. There is a vast collection that is capable of glamorizing anyone who wants a taste from the this particular jar of nectar. Necklaces, bracelets and rings that will really help to raise your style quotient and self-confidence. These are products that you can mix and match with your wardrobe.

Are these items worthy of collecting?

Since its inception in 1895, there is a market and an ever increasing fan group who loves to collect Swarovski crystals. Designed by the creative directors, the rare and limited editions of these designs are on watches, ornaments and other embellishments. Some of them are exceptional and unusual, many of them are uncommon and the rare ones can fetch you extraordinary prices. There is a world of Swarovski which is priceless in the eyes of collectors.

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