The Minions Movie Halloween Costumes

The Minions Movie Halloween Costumes

In 2010, Despicable Me hit the big screen. The evil monger, Gru, was the best super-villain on the planet, until a young upstart named Vector takes his place. Not to be outdone, Gru had a master plan to shrink the moon and steal it to regain his former number one position. In order to steal the shrink gun in Vector’s possession to complete his intentions, he needed a way to get into Vector’s fortress. Spying three sisters selling cookies door-to-door to support the orphanage where they live, he decides to adopt them and use them to get inside, as Vector bought a few cases from them.

While his intention is evil, Gru unintentionally finds himself falling in love with his new daughters. Along with these appealing characters and the little yellow minions who work for him, Despicable Me is an enchanting tale that my children and I watch over and over again. Although as an adoptive mother I did not care for the scene where he sends the girls back to the orphanage (that was a “pause the DVD” moment in our home), overall, it is a movie that we found quite charming.

As soon as Despicable Me 2 came to theaters during the summer of  2013, my family and I were there. Armed with candy and beverages, we enjoyed the antics of those mischievous minions and Gru’s adorable girls. Margot, Edith and Agnes, once again. We also loved the new character we were introduced to, Lucy Wilde.

This July, we are all anticipating the brand new film that features those crazy yellow henchmen. Entitled Minions, these scene stealing little men are going to capture the hearts of movie lovers once again.

Halloween costumes that are characters from the movie are sure to be a top seller this upcoming trick or treat season.

The Plot of The Minions

Fans of the two Despicable me films know that his band of yellow loyal workers will do anything for Gru and the girls. They may harm and trick each other, but they will not do that to the boss and his trio of daughters.

But how did they get there?

The Minion movie takes viewers back to the very beginning…prehistoric times in fact, to the genesis of the minions. As they travel through time looking for bad guys to work for, we see how they helped shaped history. However, times get tough. In 1968, Stuart, Kevin and Bob set out from the rest of the group to find a new bad guy to employ them. They do not find a man, but Scarlet Overkill, a woman who wants to be the first ever female super villain. This film promises to be as entertaining as the first two in the trilogy, so fans are going to be flocking to theaters and also to store to find any kind of minion merchandise they can get their hands on.

Minions Movie Costumes

Those lovable little yellow characters who speak a gibberish that only they (and Gru) can understand are the scene stealers of these films. While they all seem to look alike-small, yellow and some sort of round shaped-if you look carefully, there are distinct differences. Some have two eyes and some have one. A few have hair that lay flat while others have it sticking out. Some are more oval shaped and others are round.

This classic minion costume comes in several sizes.

Minion Costume from Anytime Costumes

Minion Costume for Women

You don’t have to be a big oval shaped minion this year. You can dress more feminine and still let everyone know who you are. This is available in many different sizes. Just pair it with black shoes and you are set!


This minion costume for women comes in sizes X-Small to Large.


Women’s Minion Costume comes in many sizes at Anytime Costumes.

Minion Dracula Costume

In the latest film, one of the historic characters the minions look to work for is Count Dracula. Brand new for Halloween 2015 is this Dracula costume. Other new for 2015 Minions Movie costumes are available this Halloween.

Minion Movie Dracula costume 2015 for kids is now available.

Costumes from Minions, the next chapter in their story, are going to be on many people’s must have list this Halloween.

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  • Thanks for the Scarlet Overkill and Minions costume links! About 1/3 of the way into the movie, my wheels were already turning!

    My 6 yo daughter is excited to Trick or Treat as Scarlet, and my 2 yo daughter gets to get stuck as a Minion since she is too young to object, lol.

    Maybe dad can be Dr Nefario, or he and I could round out the Minion threesome that “works for” Scarlet. (I’m pretty sure the 6 yo does actually think we do all work to fulfill her ever beck and call, so it’s fitting. Lol! (


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