The Secret Life of Pets Costumes

The Secret Life of Pets Costumes

For many reasons, fall is my favorite season. Even as a child, I loved school and the fresh start of a new year. That still held true when I became an elementary school teacher, as a new group of students entered my classroom and a whole new world of possibilities was open. Now that I teach preschool, I love seeing those young four year olds grow leaps and bounds as the shy children grow into confident youngsters ready for kindergarten.

The beginning of fall also marks the beginning of the Jewish holidays. I always looked forward to seeing my family and eating all of the delicious food my mom, my aunties and my grandmothers would prepare. Starting with the Jewish New Year of Rosh Hashanah and ending with the celebration of Simchat Torah, the holidays have always been a cause of celebration.

Add into the mix of the religious holidays that I observed were the secular ones as well. Before Thanksgiving, there was the excitement of Halloween. Going to Nickels Five and Dime and picking out which costume in the box (remember those?) was a family tradition I looked forward to each year.

When I became a mother, I was able to relive those memories as my own three children got excited over which costume they wanted to buy or create. When I look through the Halloween photo album that I created and take out each October, seeing my children grow up in front of my eyes as they are dressed in the popular costumes of the day brings a smile to my face.

For Halloween 2016, there are many wonderful costumes for kids from the hit film The Secret Life of Pets. Many are based on beloved characters that they enjoyed watching on the big screen. See which one is perfect for your child and take a picture so you can look back and smile one day just like I do.

The Secret Life of Pets Costumes

Illumination Entertainment, creator of the Minions and all things related to Despicable Me, have another smash hit on their hands. To date, the film has already grossed over $103 million in box office receipts after it’s initial release.

Answering the age old question, “What do our pets do when we are not home?”, this movie explores the antics of Max and his newly adopted canine brother, Duke. After being caught without their collars while on a walk, they are rescued by Snowball, the rabbit leader of a gang of animals that humans have “flushed away”. Now that they are saved, they are coerced into becoming members of the gang. Will they comply? How will they escape? Is home such a bad thing? More adventures ensue and families who view the film leave with smiles on their faces because they got to share a lot of fun and laughter.

The Secret Life of Pets costumes are now available for both kids and adults. No matter who your child’s favorite character is from the film, there is a costume for him or her.

The Secret Life of Pets Max costume comes in both toddler and child sizes. It is made of two pieces-a jumpsuit and a headpiece.

The Secret Life of Pets Max Costume Available on Amazon

First, there is Max, the dog with a pampered life. When his owner, Katie, adopts another dog, emotions such as jealousy arise.

The Secret Life of Pets Max costume is now available in both toddler and children's sizes. It is a two piece set.

Duke Costume Available on Amazon

Then we have Duke, who is just so happy to have a new home.

The Secret Life of Pets Gidget costume is now available for fans. It is a two pieces and comes in various sizes for toddlers and children.

Gidget Costume Available on Amazon

Snowball Costume is also available there as well, just look at the bottom of the page for more Secret Life of Pet costume options.

These come in various sizes, both toddler and child, and are all two pieces-a jumpsuit and a headpiece. If you live in a chilly climate, your child will be warm and comfortable as she or he goes door to door.

No matter which Secret Life of Pets costume your child chooses, s/he will enjoy wearing it this Halloween.


Box Office: ‘Secret Life of Pets’ Debuts to Massive $103.2 Million


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