Barrettes for Thick Curly Hair That Really Hold

Barrettes for Thick Curly Hair That Really Hold

As you can see by my photo, I’ve got really thick, really curly hair. If you do too, you know that finding barrettes for thick curly hair that will hold it all has always been a big problem.

Most of the barrettes in the stores are best for fine or medium hair. I’d go to the drugstore, buy one, and it wouldn’t hold. Even worse, it would break after a few weeks. Or, since I tend to put my hair back when it’s wet, the clasp would rust.

If I did manage to find a barrette or a clip labeled for thick hair, it usually really wasn’t. At best, it slid down my head or got stuck when I tried to take it off. At worst, more breaking, and more money wasted. And most of them couldn’t handle the curls (which make it just that much harder to get a barrette that does what it should do—namely hold thick curly hair in place!

That all changed when I finally found barrettes that are really, truly for thick curly hair. They’re the best hair clips I’ve ever had. They’re handmade in France, with gold plated clips.

The gold plating is important for two reasons. The first one is that it’s luxurious. The second, more practical reason, is that they won’t rust!

The best part is they hold! They don’t slide, they don’t break, and they come in lots of beautiful styles: flowers, tortoiseshell, ivory, and even sparkling crystals.

barrette for thick curly hairbarrette for thick curly hairFrance Luxe Chicago Volume Barrette – Africafiligree barrette for thick curly hair

A beautiful filigree barrette that’s great for thick hair. It will hold all of it (yes!) and your hair will show through the clip. There are seven different finishes, including ivory, onyx (which looks a bit like abalone to me), tokyo (golden shades of brown), and tortoise. The barrette is two and half inches wide, and four inches long.


rectangle barrette for thick hair rectangle barrette for thick curly hairFrance Luxe Rectangle Volume Barrette – Nacro Blackrectangle barrette for thick curly hair

Available in 12 different colors, including golden horn, caramel, ivory tokyo (ivory and dark brown tones).

The great thing is that you can get a barrette that will coordinate with your hair. Before I found these, I had to settle for black or dull brown, which really didn’t look that well with my auburn hair.

I’m wearing this barrette in ivory in the photo below.
ivory barrette for thick curly hair

Lots of  Different Barrettes for Thick Curly Hair

What I really like about these barrettes (aside from the fact that they hold my hair, and keep it out of my face), is that they come in lots of different styles, finishes, colors, and fabrics. Brown, black, and more brown gets very tiresome.

I have a beautiful blue silk one, an onyx one, a floral print, and polished ivory.

It’s impossible to show them all here (for once, there are so many choices, the page would go on and on). You can get barrettes made of silk, flower prints, velvet, wool, and even giant hair jaws.

Flower Barrettes for Thick Curly Hair


floral barrette for thick curly hair
France Luxe Rectangle Volume Barrette – Chrysanthemum Aquafloral barrette for thick curly hair

A beautiful blue, pink, and yellow floral print. The aqua version makes me think of Chinese ink paintings. The purple style has purple fronds and bold yellow flowers. If you like to stand out from the crowd, this barrette is perfect. It’s not something you will see everyone else wearing.

small flower barrette for thick curly hair
France Luxe Rectangle Volume Barrette – Petite Fleur Red

If you prefer more delicate flowers, this barrette is just the thing. It has tiny red flowers (or purple or blue) and a good strong clasp to hold all your thick hair. You can pull it up, or make a pony tail.

Velvet Barrette for Thick Curly Hair

Velvet and Silk Bow Barrette

Crafted out of luxurious velvet and trimmed in real silk charmeuse. It would be just perfect to wear with holiday dresses at fancy parties or to put your hair up for a wedding. It comes in black, olive, orange, chocolate brown, navy, pink, pearl, and red.


A Barrette for Extra-Thick Hair

barrette for extra-thick hairbarrette for extra-thick hairFrance Luxe Extra Volume Barrette

If your hair is super-thick, this is the barrette for you. It’s designed to hold your hair in place whether you just pull some of it back, make a ponytail, or twist your hair into a bun.  It comes in six different finishes, including pearly black, opera silver (little bits of black and silver that sparkle slightly), and caramel. It’s one inch wide and four inches long.


Hair Jaw Clip for Thick Curly Hair

haw clip for thick curly hairjaw clip for thick curly hair  France Luxe Jumbo Couture Jawjaw clip for thick curly hair

This will keep all your hair in place without grabbing or pulling. It comes in eight different finishes, including ivory, pearlescent black, tortoise, tokyo (ivory and black), and opera silver (the one that resembles abalone). It’s two inches wide and five inches long.  It is an investment. On the other hand, one good hair clip that lasts is better than five cheap ones that don’t.


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