This Is Us Jack and Rebecca Costume Ideas

This Is Us Jack and Rebecca Costume Ideas

During the summer of 2016, viewers of the Olympics were bombarded with previews of an drama on the NBC network that was set to debut that September. The previews of This Is Us left people wondering how the three adults in the clip could possibly have their lives interconnected. We only know that they share the same birthday.

Those who watched the premiere episode on September 20th, 2016  had to wait until the final few minutes to see the secret revealed. That was the first of many dramatic bombshells that have left fans of the show with piles of tissues surrounding them by the end of every episode. Each and every one hour program tugs at the heartstrings as you root for the Pearson clan. Fans knew that William was going to die at the end of the first season from his terminal cancer, yet we still wanted the writers to somehow save him. Everyone knows that Jack is dead, but that does not deter fans from watching each week. For the majority of shows, knowing the demise of a favorite character is its deathknell; for This Is Us, it is a lynchpin. We tune in week after week to see if this is the episode where we find out the mystery behind the death of patriarch Jack, the glue of the Pearson clan. Viewers know that his sudden demise caused many unresolved issues for the family that are seen in the present day, not the flashback, part of the show.

The Season 1 Trailer

Two of the lead characters, Jack and Rebecca Pearson, have what seems an ideal relationship. As the year unfolded, we saw that there were cracks in the armor. Viewers are still left wondering how Jack died and how did Miguel wind up with Rebecca. Since the how constantly time hops from the past to the present, we get glimpses of why the characters are the way they are in the present day. While some of what we want to know is answered, the brilliant writing leaves them with just as many unanswered questions. This is what propels the show into the next episode. Which questions will be answered next week and what new one will be asked?

For a fun and timely couples costume, here is how you can dress as Jack and Rebecca Pearson for Halloween.

Jack Pearson Costume Ideas

Jack Pearson, who is brilliantly played by actor Milo Ventimiglia, is a complicated man. From the early years flashbacks, we know that he comes from an abusive home, one where his alcoholic father beats both him and his mother. His father berates him for his entire life, telling Jack, a Vietnam veteran who is a master at construction and cars, that he will never amount to anything. These flashbacks are painful for viewers to watch, as we see how the seeds of the both the good and the bad parts of him are planted.

After meeting Rebecca and introducing her to the joys of being a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, they marry in a simple City Hall ceremony. Rebecca is on the fence about having children until she finds herself pregnant with triplets. The couple had already left a non-refundable deposit on an apartment without an elevator, how is she going to handle triplets living there? Jack then asks his boss for a raise, which he receives. It is also at this time that Jack swallows his pride and asks his abusive father for money. Jack pretends that he has a huge gambling debt to repay and his father again reiterates how he knew Jack would never amount to anything. Jack sits there and withstands the tirade of verbal abuse because unlike his father, Jack has a deep sense of responsibility to support his family, no matter the cost.

He also puts his dreams of starting his own company on hold so he can send Randall, who is brilliant, to a private school. He becomes a company man with a steady income so he be the loving provider that his father never was. Doing whatever he can to support his family makes Jack incredibly endearing, despite his obvious flaws.

A Jack Pearson costume is really quite easy to put together. First, you need a pair of jeans and a simple colored tee shirt. Layer it with a matching flannel shirt like this one.

This Is Us Jack Pearson costume ideas-flannel shirt over a tee shirt and paired with jeans

This flannel and many others available on Amazon

In his younger days, Jack works on construction sites. He needs to wear something that permits him to move yet still keep him warm. This jacket is similar to the one Jack wears on This Is Us. It comes in sizes Medium to 4X-Large.

Couples Halloween costume idea-This is Us Jack Pearson costume denim jacket

Available on Amazon

Dressing as Jack in the 1970’s also require a beard and moustache. This was not only the style of the day, but his facial hair also kept him warm while working on cold construction sites during the harsh Pittsburgh winters. In the 1980’s he went to just a moustache as he went the corporate route.

Jack Pearson wig for This Is Us costume

Available on Amazon

Jack has a shaggy kind of hairstyle. This is just one of several different wigs for men that would work for your costume. In addition, there are many sets of beards of moustaches to go with your wig. If you feel comfortable buying a longer one and trimming it, there are other options available.

Rebecca Pearson Costume Ideas

Rebecca Pearson is the woman married to the charismatic Jack. Born Rebecca Malone, she lives with her mother who waits on her father hand and foot while he spends his weekends staring at the television screen watching football. That is the primary reason she learns to enjoy the game, since Jack loves his Sunday games as well. The way she was brought up haunts Rebecca to the point where she tells Jack one night at Froggy’s Bar, where she is a singer, that she does not want to have children. This shocks Jack, but after a discussion, she realizes that the future she imagined does include children. She just wants it to be different than how she was brought up.

Unfortunately for Rebecca, history repeated itself in terms of mother/daughter relationships. Through flashbacks, we see that Rebecca’s  mother is opinionated and not overly fond of her choice in Jack. She is constantly worried about her weight, something that Rebecca passes on with her relationship with her daughter, Kate, who is a chubby child. Rebecca balks at the suggestion that she, Jack and her babies move in with her parents in order to save money, and it is this event that motivates Jack to ask his own father for money.

While in real life women know that men like Jack do not exist, we wish they did. Many fans of This Is Us currently have a love/hate relationship with Mandy Moore’s character. Jack does his best to do right by his family, eventually overcoming his alcoholism in order to keep his family together. He is an overly generous father with his love and affection for his children, doing anything and everything he can to make them feel loved for who they are. Viewers do not always feel that Rebecca appreciates his efforts. In fact, viewers are still puzzled at how she wound up with Miguel, Jack’s best friend.

Some of their feelings changed in an episode where Rebecca declares that she has felt like all of her sacrifices have gone unnoticed. Raising kids, driving carpool, making dinner-she is the one who gave up the one thing she loved, which was singing. The big fight between Jack and she resonated with millions of mothers who have also felt the weight of sacrifice in their lives. It redeemed Rebecca in their eyes.  We know that she loves her children and that she made mistakes with them along the way like we all have. Not sharing the information she had about Randall’s birthfather until it was almost too late and her strained relationship with Kate have viewers see her as less than perfect.

This Halloween, here are some ideas on how to dress like Rebecca Pearson.

Rebecca’s hair style changes through the years, as it does for most women. This long wig is reminiscent of her look when she and Jack were dating and in the early years of their marriage.

Rebecca Pearson inspired wig for a This Is Us Halloween costume

Available on Amazon

Sfe also sports a beret in several episodes. You can get one to match the color of your outfit or wear the burgundy one like she does.

Rebecca Pearson Halloween costume beret comes in many colors.

This beret and others available on Amazon

The style of the 1970’s was long, comfy flowing dresses like this one.

This Is Us Rebecca Pearson costume flowing dress

Available on Amazon

Of course, no Rebecca Pearson costume would be complete without her signature moon necklace. This is what Jack gave her when he gave up drinking and gave Rebecca a gift to signify his promise of staying sober. It was a crescent moon necklace. We know that it has special meaning to Rebecca because she is still wearing it in the present day episodes while being married to Miguel.

This Is Us Moon Necklace for Rebecca Pearson costume

Available on Amazon

Kate Pearson inspired baby doll for your Rebecca Pearson This Is Us costume. Randall and Kevin inspired dolls also available.

Available on Amazon

If you would like to have dolls that represent “The Big Three”, this little girl doll is just what you need for Kate. Also available from this line of dolls are ones that can represent Randall and Kevin. Borrow a baby stroller or create a sling to carry your precious little ones.

Dressing as Jack and Rebecca Pearson for Halloween this year is a timely and perfect costume!

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