Tile Your Home With Style

Tile Your Home With Style

Regular tile designs can be boring, and the use of tiles can also often be quite dull. Here we look at interesting ways to ’tile with style’ and create a different look with wall and floor tiles.

Are you bored of seeing the same set of wall tiles in everyone’s homes, of walking on the same old and tired floor tile patterns, stepping into the same old white washed porcelain tiled bathroom? Don’t worry, you’re not alone, plenty of people are now getting pretty bored of ‘standard’ tile decoration. Which is why it is now so easy to see expressive, interesting, unique tile designs by simply searching Pinterest or other photo sharing sites. People are mismatching, playing with textures, grout colour – basically bending every ’tile rule’ there ever was. This is great for wannabe interior designers because it means you can be as creative as you like, really easily – you just have to keep an open mind.

Here are a few ideas to help you tile with style:

Clash Patterns

Don’t feel limited to one colour, or a set of shades, or perhaps one colour and one tile border pattern – clash your patterns. Clashing tile patterns means taking maybe 5, 6, 7 or 8 (or more if you like!) set of tiles that clash in their patterns and style and mixing them all up together. This brings an element of visual surprise to any room. If this type of design would give you a headache incorporated into the whole room, simply have a strip of lashing tiles behind the loo or in the shower amongst larger white tiles (this is also a cheaper option).

Vary The Tile Scales

Porcelain tiles come in lots of different textures and designs and aren’t always flat. A good way to add texture and interest to a wall is to use different tile scales. This works really well as a floor border or for a smaller feature wall with a difference.

Art Deco

Geometry has been huge in interior design over the last few years and sets to stick around for quite a while longer. Avoid fussy, dainty patterns and go for full on bold lines, angles and curves. So perhaps you might have pastel wall tiles in mind – highlight them with a smaller tile border of black or dark grey. Adding angles and clean lines to a tiled wall adds strength to the overall design.

Coloured Grout

Grout is generally white, which means if you use it you’re not making the most of your wall tile colour scheme. One fantastic way to highlight the tile pattern is by contrasting it with a coloured grout or picking out a dominant colour in it and matching that to the grout. You don’t have to create a technicolor masterpiece, just a simple black grout with white wall tiles will look striking. Don’t just be creative with your tiles – be creative with your grout as well.

A Patterned Floor

Having a patterned tile floor directs your eyes down, providing a surprising visual treat and making the most of any space you’re designing. It’s also a great idea if you want to add some pizazz to a room without overwhelming it.

These are just some great ideas to help you tile with style. Remember, the limits of your design are only limited by your imagination.

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