Top 10 Questions and Answers About Dentures

Top 10 Questions and Answers About Dentures

The top 10 questions and answers about dentures that most new denture wearers have, from how much do dentures cost to  learning which fixative most denture wearers prefer.

Our teeth are a very important part of healthy living, but sometimes, for a variety of reasons, people need dentures.  You want your dentures to be comfortable, functional and aesthetically pleasing (have a nice smile) but we all have to get the ones we can afford! Learn answers to some of the most common questions about dentures and find a few resources for affordable dentures.


You Need Dentures

Have you been told you need dentures? How did that make you feel? When I was told that there was no way to save my teeth I was crushed as I had spent thousands of dollars on dental work. I knew nothing about dentures other than you put them in, and took them out, dropping them in a glass of water with fizz tablets at night. Not much I know, but that really was the extent of my knowledge of false teeth (dentures).

Dental problems can happen for a variety of reasons, just as losing your teeth can. Accidents, periodontal problems, medications, etc. can cause major problems that can lead to the need for dentures. If you are anything like me once you’re told you need dentures, there are decisions to make, and questions to be answered.  Some of the questions and answers about dentures are pretty simple, but if you never needed dentures before you might not know the answers.  I hope you find what you’re looking for here.

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New Denture Wearers

Top 10 Questions and Answers About Dentures

  1. Do you have any problems talking when you get your dentures?- Yes, at first most people have a lisp while they learn to adjust to their new dentures, but this goes away after you get used to them.
  2. Will I be able to eat everything once I get my dentures?- It usually takes a little time to get used to dentures, but after awhile you should be able to eat just about everything.  Sticky foods, and foods with small grains might be harder to eat as they get stuck in your dentures. If you want to eat corn on the cob and foods like this, it’s best to use an adhesive (like fixodent, or Sea Bond) on your dentures to keep them in place.
  3. How much do dentures cost?-It depends on your location and the type of dentures you want. You can expect to pay a minimum of $1,000 for uppers and the same for lowers.  Dentures can cost several thousand dollars for a full set of both uppers and lowers. If you want implants they are much more expensive.  Talk to your dentist and see what their prices are.  Shop around.
  4. What are immediate dentures?- These are dentures that you don’t have to wait for. Your dentist or denturist will take impressions over your teeth before they’re pulled out. Then once your extractions have been completed immediate dentures are put directly onto your gums. One of the reasons people like this option is they don’t have to wait.
  5. How long does it take to get used to a complete set of dentures?- If you have never worn dentures before, it will take a few months to really get used to them.During the initial adjustment your jaw muscles need to learn how to work with these new teeth and find the best position for chewing. You also will have to get used to the sensation of a different palate in your mouth if you have an upper plate. Talking and eating take time to be comfortable.
  6. How Can I Be Sure My Dentures Won’t Slip or Fall Out?- If your dentures fit well, you can add a dental adhesive (Fixodent, Sea Bond, Polident) to the uppers and lowers to keep them in place. If they don’t fit well, it’s best to go get them relined. When using a dental adhesive it helps you chew normally as it holds your dentures in place, and they don’t feel like they’re moving or slipping. Most people don’t use adhesives on their uppers as the suction from your tongue usually keeps your upper denture in place.
  7. How long do dentures last?- Dentures are made to last, but they still are fairly delicate. You have to keep them moist or they will dry out, you can’t use most toothpastes on them as it is too abrasive, and hot water could warp them, according to dentists. Also, if you drop them they can chip, or break, then you need to take them back to the dentist to be fixed. But on the whole, with proper care your dentures should last many years! I asked my specialist how long dentures last, and loved his answer, “depends on who’s paying for them! If you pay for them they last forever, if someone else does people have a tendency to want new ones every few years.”
  8. What are some of the common problems with dentures?- Sometimes your dentures will require a repair or realignment. You will know there is a problem if you have difficulty chewing (after the initial time period of adjustment), irritation to your gums, sore spots, or just plain discomfort. If you experience these call your dentist or denturist.
  9. What are the alternatives to dentures?- There are 2 main alternatives to dentures: a Bridge or Implants. Always talk to your dentist about your options. A Bridge is used when you have a missing tooth (teeth) but you have teeth that a crown can go over as an anchor for a false tooth. Implants false teeth are permanently attached to your jawbone, with crowns attached to the top. Not everyone can get implants for different reasons, so it’s best to ask your dentist if you want them. One reason some people don’t get them is the price…they are much more expensive than a complete set of dentures (usually thousands of dollars per tooth).
  10. I got blisters from my new dentures, what can I do?- If you get blisters, and didn’t have any problems before, it is probably from ill fitting dentures. Go back to your dentist and see if you need your dentures adjusted.

If you are on any medication that causes mouth sores talk to your Dr. and your dentist to see what you can do.


Here are a couple resources if you are looking for affordable dentures, as well as another article on adjusting to your new dentures.

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