Top Christmas Gifts for Men and Women 2015

Top Christmas Gifts for Men and Women 2015

It’s that time of year when many people become stressed out because Christmas is fast approaching. While it should be a time of merriment as we gather with family and participate in long-standing holiday traditions, it is also a time of unwritten expectations. Exchanging gifts with loved ones can cause a lot of anxiety.

Why is that?

You do not have enough money to buy everyone a nice gift. Do you make cuts to your list or go into debt trying to please everyone?

You make a lot of money and people expect expensive gifts.

There are people on your list who stump you and you have no idea what to buy for them.

The person may not like your gift.

People may think you did not put any thought into a gift if you give cash or gift cards.

The amount of cash or on the gift card is too little (people think you are being cheap).

The amount on the gift card is too much (people are now embarrassed because you spent so much money on them and they did not spend that much on you).

Yes, what should be a time of happiness and joy can be a cause for angst and irritation.

If you have a challenging group of people on your list, here is an eclectic list of gifts that will please anyone from ages 8-80.

How to Find the Perfect Gift

Finding the right gift can take a bit of detective work. If you do not see your sibling except for a few times a year, and you need a gift for him or her, why not ask you mom or dad? Maybe they can give you a few hints as to what is on their favorites list this year.

If your sibling is married or has a significant other, then ask this person for a few gift ideas. Maybe s/he is into baking bread and would love a new rolling pin or board on which to knead. Perhaps they are collecting vintage toys and could use a reference book to help with their search. Have they recently gone on a trip and that is all s/he can talk about? Buy a book about the place or have something shipped from there as a surprise.

What is their favorite television show that they enjoy binge watching? Buy a DVD boxed set and let them watch over and over again.

You do not have to go into gift giving blindly. Ask some questions and you will get your answers that will help you on your search for the perfect gift.

Top Christmas Gifts for Men 2015

What Can You Buy Your Favorite Guy?

Personally, I have found that buying gifts for the men on my list a challenge. I am not a tech-oriented person, and if he likes this kind of thing, then I have no clue what to buy. Buying sports related gifts is easy if the person has a favorite team or a sport in which he participates. If the person enjoys a particular kind of food, then buying a present that he can use is another viable option. If they like Asian cuisine, a gift of assorted spices and sauces would make a fantastic gift. If there is a particular chef that he watches on The Food Network or on The Cooking Channel, a cookbook by this chef or an item from their cookware or bakeware collection would be a present that is appreciated.

This bold black and gold watch makes a statement on a man's wrist. It has many functions that he will love.

Invicta Men’s 6981 Pro Diver Collection Chronograph Black Dial Black Polyurethane Watch from Amazon

This watch is on sale at an enormous discount!  It has many different functions and is both classy and practical, and makes a bold statement on a man’s wrist.  It is also water resistant.

Every man needs his own personal grooming kit to get rid of all unwanted hair. This highly rated set is on sale and will look classy on your bathroom vanity.

Wahl 9860-700 Groomsman Pro All-in-one Rechargeable Grooming Kit, Black/Silver from Amazon

For a man who is into his personal grooming, this shaving set is both practical and an asset to his side of the bathroom sink. This set will get rid of any unwanted hair.

Top Christmas Gifts for Women 2015

Lovely things for your special lady!

What can you buy the woman on your list? Is she a fashionista who always has to keep up with the latest trends? Does she enjoy reading? Is she a busy mom with young kids who would love to have a little special something that she does not have to share or can transport her to a different place once the kids are in bed? If she seems to have everything, what can you give her? Here are some ideas to help you out!

An umbrella is a practical and stylish gift to give a woman. She may need several-one for the office, one for the car and one at home. It is very retro looking!

Totes Clear Bubble Umbrella from Amazon

Don’t laugh…everyone needs an umbrella!  This bubble style is reminiscent of the ones that were popular in the 1970’s.  They protect hair and clothing, all while permitting the person to see where she is going.  Women need multiple umbrellas, as you never know when it is going to rain. One for the car, one for the office and one for home will help keep your favorite lady safe from wet weather.  There are 20 other trim color options available.

This gift basket for women is a treat that includes includes all kinds of sweet treats, like chocolate and cookies.

Delight and Enjoy Gift Basket from Amazon

A career, a family, a home, aging parents, volunteering…modern women have a very stressful life. This gift basket let’s a busy woman sit and enjoy a sweet cookie or chocolate treat-even if she has to eat it behind a locked bedroom door to get away from everyone!

Being observant and asking some pertinent questions is one way to find just the right gift for the man or woman on your list.


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