Top Disney Christmas Gifts for Kids

Top Disney Christmas Gifts for Kids

It’s that time of year once again. The stores have replaced the Halloween decor with everything related to Christmas. Catalogues are arriving in the mail filled with all the different gifts you can give to the people on your list. The people in the advertisements are all smiling and happy with the featured item they are holding in their hand. And when you turn on the radio, you can hear the sounds of your favorite Christmas music coming from the sound system.

For some people, the upcoming holiday season is one that brings happiness and joy. They love to go shopping, maintain the family Christmas traditions, and have a sense of awe when it comes to holidays. But for others, the holiday season strikes both dread and fear. What are they supposed to buy for the people on their list? If they are ot familiar with the world of what children love, then this panic goes even deeper. No one wants to disappoint a child!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every gift we gave to our friends and family produced the ear to ear smiles that appear on the pages of the catalogue? This is especially true for kids, who are not as good as faking that they love a present as well as an adult can.

One favorite thing most children have in common is their love of all things related to Disney.  This is particularly true for preschoolers and tweens who watch Disney Junior and Disney Channel programs and movies. These shows are well researched for years and produced just for them. While we as adults may grimace at the “jokes” or the overt lessons they are trying to teach children, these shows are not meant for us. All we have to do is sit and cuddle with our children as we watch them. 

For parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles and any other person who is wanting to buy just the right gift for the children on their list, here is a list of the top Disney gifts to give kids for the 2015 holiday season.

Here is a quick tip…ask the child what their favorite Disney show or movie is. Then ask his or her parents what toys related to the show the child would enjoy and does not have. Once you have a theme or idea, then use your price point to find just the right gift!

The Good Dinosaur Toys

For the past few years, during the month of November, Disney has released movies that have scored well with both children and adults. In 2012, Wreck It Ralph was released and it brought back many nostalgic memories for parents and created new characters to love for the kids. Even if you do not have children, you must have heard about the billion dollar earning smash animated film Frozen that was released in 2013. In 2014, Big Hero 6 was the first film that featured Marvel Comic characters and introduced fans to the beloved nursebot, Baymax.

Disney/Pixar is oping to have another holiday sensation with the release of The Good Dinosaur on November 25th. The friendship between Arlo the Apatosaurus and Spot, a wild human child. The messages in the film will resonate with both young and old.

Kids are going to love cuddling with this Arlo talking plush doll from The Good Dinosaur.

Arlo Talking Plush and other toys available on Amazon

There are many toys from The Good Dinosaur that your child will want to have. Arlo, Spot, Mary Alice, Butch, Libby Buck and more are available in plush versions, play sets, talking versions and more.

Why wait until Halloween to get your child an Arlo costume from The Good Dinosaur? He can dress up as this character during imaginative play at any time!

Arlo Costume Available at The Disney Store

You do not have to have your child wait until Halloween to get this awesome Arlo costume. Kids love to dress up and role play, and your child will get right into character with this bright green ensemble. It is available in sizes 3 to 9/10.


Disney Descendants Dolls and Clothing

Not all of Disney’s most popular characters come from major motion feature films. Some come from the small screen. Back in 2006, Disney showcased a small screen movie entitled High School Musical that became one of the biggest hits it had on The Disney Channel. It spawned a made for television sequel as well as a big theater third installment that had movie goers dancing in the aisle.

In the summer of 2015, Disney Descendants premiered to smash ratings, and there is already talk of a sequel. Starring some of the channel’s biggest stars of the moment, Descendants tells the classic good versus evil story, but with a twist. Can evil be turned into good if under a good influence?

This particular film was especially appealing to tweens-children between the age of 8-12. A tought market, they are a fickle group.  This year you will come out smelling like a rose if you buy your favorite tween anything related to the film. Dress up costumes are not just for Halloween, so you can score some great deals on a Disney Descendants costume for the pretend play box. Even a pretty pair of purple pajamas or a purple themed bathrobe will be a hit with girls who love the clothing line.

Evie and Carlos dolls from Disney Descendants make the perfect holiday gift to give fans this season.

Evie an Carlos 2 Pack of Dolls, as well as all of the other charaters, are available on Amazon

Another popular item are Disney Descendants dolls. They are sold in singles or in pairs (note-if you want a Ben or Carlo doll, you will have to purchase the two pack). There are also many books from the series that will spark a love for reading.

This Disney Descendants Nail Art set makes a great gift for fans.

Disney Descendants Nail Design Set from Amazon

Disney Inside Out Gifts

Is there anything wrong with being sad? How about having fears-is there anything wrong with that? We are entitled to feel disgusted about some things and get angry over others. Of course, feeling joy is the best thing of all, but it cannot be the only thing. These five emotions are central to the hit summer Disney/Pixar film Inside Out. It was a well-written film that touched people in a way that never has happened previously in other children’s movies. There was something to love for everyone.

Now families can relive the laughs and tears of the movie over and over again because the movie is now available to own on DVD. Just like a favorite book can be opened again and again, a favorite movie that everyone enjoys watching together is one way to create memories. Just bake up a few fun desserts together. pop some popcorn and get ready to laugh!

Inside Out Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack can ow be yours to own! It will make a perfect gift this holiday season.

Now available on Amazon

In addition to the movie, there are many toys and even a calendar that will make a great gift to give to kids this year.

More Disney Characters to Love

Here are a few more shows that have plenty of merchandise that will please the fan.

To date, Disney has not released a line of toys for its upcoming The Lion Guard series. However, there are plenty of books that you can buy.

Miles From Tomorrowland is very popular with the preschool set. There are many fun toys that kids are going to love playing with.

Disney Junior Miles From Tomorrowland Talking Miles 12" Action Figure makes a great holiday gift.

Disney Junior Miles From Tomorrowland Talking Miles 12″ Action Figure available on Amazon

Teen Beach Movie 2 was another summer hit for the network. The DVD and soundtrack are available for older kids.

Sheriff Callie and her friends in Nice and Friendly Corners still captivate the younger set.

Frozen and Frozen Fever toys are still very popular as well.

Buying your favorite boy or girl a gift from one of the popular Disney films or television series is one way to guarantee a big smile on his or her face when the gift is opened.

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