Favorite Disney Villain Costumes

Favorite Disney Villain Costumes

Ask any actor if he would rather play a good guy or a villain, and chances are that the person would reply “a villain”.

Why is that?

Nice guys are just that-nice.  There aren’t many layers when someone is happy.  Some people are naturally happy while others have a sweet life and what is the big deal about anything? Nice characters are also a bit boring. They are not apt to show their angst or anger or deep passion for anything.

But villains, they are not usually born that way.  There is a backstory, some thing, some person, or some life changing event that causes someone good to turn evil. In films, they get to portray the most riveting scenes, the ones where they get to show the depth of their pain and sorrow. They want to right all the wrongs that have happened to them, and how they go about it is much more appealing to an actor than the good guy with the easy, breezy life. The success of Maleficent and Wicked are proof that we want to know why baddies are the way they are.

If the backstory is unknown, then actors like to make one up themselves and dive into the soul of the person they are portraying. Being bad permits the actor the portray the role as campy or delightfully villainous. Bad may not be the way to act in real life, but in a film or program, it is so good to be bad.

If you are looking for a Disney villain costume for Halloween 2014, here are some of the best ones that have graced the silver screen.

Disney Descendants Maleficent Costume

In the 1959 Disney animated film Sleeping Beauty, Maleficent is such a bad character.  Who puts a curse on an innocent baby? What is wrong with her?  Audiences cheer when she reaches her demise at the end of the film.

We meet Maleficent again the Disney Original Movie The Descendants. Played with pure evilness by Kristin Chenoweth, she tells her daughter, Mal, to steal the Fairy Godmother’s magic wand when she attends Aurodon Prep School. She shows no love for her daughter, and at the end, she gets her just desserts.

Disney Descendants Maleficent costume for adults

Available on Costume Craze

This Disney Descendant’s Maleficent costume for adults comes with the headpiece, the belt and the colorful dress. You’ll find Maleficent’s attire to be mainly colors of purple, symbolizing power, which is a recurring theme with Maleficent. Add some purple nail polish and purple lipstick to finish your powerful look.

Hans Costume from Frozen

In the mega smash Frozen, we first meet Hans on Coronation Day, the first time in many years that the palace has been open. Hans, who is the youngest of thirteen brothers, comes from the Kingdom of the Southern Isles. As the youngest, he was probably picked on and he knows for certain that he will never be the king (that would require his twelve older brothers to die, which is highly unlikely).

Hans from Frozen Cosplay costume

This costume and others available on eBay

He develops a scheme to become the King of Arendelle, but moviegoers only see him as a dashing and caring prince, who is engaged to Princess Anna and is trying to help her find her sister, Queen Elsa. About three-quarter of the way into the movie, the diabolical plot is revealed, leaving audiences gasping.

Captain Hook Costume

Peter Pan’s Captain Hook is a bad guy, but a very comical one.  He has the best laid plans to get Peter Pan, but something always seems to go wrong. He is after the boy who never grows up because he cut off his hand during a duel and fed it to a crocodile.

What makes this matter even worse, is that the crocodile now follows Hook around because he has developed a hankering for the pirate.

Captain Hook costume for adults

Available on Amazon

This is a very flamboyant costume. Included in this costume set is the tricorn hat, the lace jabot, the multi-colored jacket, waistcoat, knickers and knee high boot tops. The wig and moustache need to be purchased separately.

Ursula Costume from The Little Mermaid

The return of the big bad villain came in 1989 when Disney returned to the movie making format that made them such a popular studio.  With The Little Mermaid, Disney began a golden age of animation that would last until the early 2000’s.

There had been no villain as nasty as Ursula. Half merperson and half octopus, she once a well respected member of the Kingdom of Atlantica, which was ruled by King Triton.  When the king overheard rumors that Ursula was trying to overtake his kingdom, he banned her from it.  She was forced to live on the outskirts of the kingdom.

She used her black magic to get the “poor unfortunate souls” who were looking for her help but failed to repay her.  Ariel, King Triton’s youngest daughter, almost fell into that trap.  Fortunately, fate, a storm and Prince Eric saved the day.

Ursula from the Little Mermaid Halloween costume for adults

This costume and others available on Amazon

Cruella De Vil

In the classic 1961 flick One Hundred and One Dalmatians, the heinous one goes by the name of Cruella De Vil.  This wealthy heiress loves fur coats and is never seen without wearing one. She now wants a special spotted coat especially made out of puppy fur!  She believes that Roger and Anita’s fantastically large litter will make the perfect spotted coat.

The movie takes filmgoers on the adventure that finally has Cruella getting her just desserts-she is arrested and the puppies are saved.

Cruella made a comeback last summer when she appeared as the mother of Carlos in the hit Disney Channel film Descendants.

Cruella De Vil costume for adults

This costume and others like it available on Halloween Express

This costume of the famous dalmatian lover includes the long black dress, the gloves, faux fur coat and iconic black and white wig.

These top Disney Halloween villain costumes are sure to be crowd pleasers at the parties you attend.

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