Top Halloween Costumes for Tweens

Top Halloween Costumes for Tweens

Being a tween these days is so very different than when I was growing up in the 1970’s.  Back then, girls between the ages of 8-12 were still able to be little girls.  Playing with dolls, playing jump robe and hopscotch and wearing clothing that was appropriate for our age was the norm.

Today, while girls may still play with dolls, more than likely it is by themselves and not with others.  When tweenage girls are with friends, they are probably playing video games and doing things like texting or Snapchatting on their cell phones.  Parents have a difficult time choosing clothing that is age appropriate, especially for girls who are in closing in on their teenage years.  It seems as our daughters grow bigger, the clothing gets smaller.  Finding clothing that is not too immature, yet not too mature, is a challenging task for parents. This is also true when parents seek out an appropriate Halloween costume for tweens. Many that are available are not appropriate for young girls.

Tween girls still like to go trick or treating, but finding a costume that has enough coverage but is not babyish can be difficult.  Girls want to dress as the most popular characters, but is it possible without being too revealing?

Here are some appropriate choices for the top Halloween costumes for tweens.  These costumes fit the requirements of being fashionable but not too revealing, cute but not too babyish, and are popular with tween girls today.

Disney Descendants 2 Costumes

Even though Halloween is still several weeks away, Disney Descendants 2 costumes are flying off the shelves. Uma is the newest popular character and with a film ending that promised a sequel, you just cannot wait to see what she will have in store if a third installment pans out. The daughter of Ursula, Uma has an enormous chip on her shoulder thanks to not being invited to attend Auradon Prep.

This DIsney Descendants 2 Uma costume features a gorgeous shade of blue and a wig that flows with endless braids.

Find all your Disney Descendants 2 Costumes Here


Trolls Princess Poppy Costume

Troll have been around for decades. Their popularity ebbs and flows, and in 2017, their gained momentum back to the top as they had a major motion picture debut last November, right after Halloween ended. The film featured many talented actors like Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake, Zooey Deschanel, Christine Baranski and Russel Brandl. So this year is the first time in a long time that children will be able to dress like their favorite troll.

This Troll Movie Deluxe Princess Poppy costume comes with the dress and wig

Available on Shindigz

The perky princess of the Trolls always sees the positive and looks on the bright side of life, and her costume reflects this. Her hair is a vivid shade of pink-she cannot be missed. Her dress is a bright shade of blue with glittery details. The costume comes with both, and unlike others for tweens, the dress is a modest length. A matching blue turtleneck or crewneck shirt can be layered underneath if it is chilly outside. This costume comes in sizes 4-6X, 7-8 and 10-12.

Where’s Wenda Costume

Many of us have heard of Waldo from the fun and famous Where’s Waldo series of books that became popular in the late 1980’s. But did you know that he has a girlfriend?  Her name is Wenda, and she is the twin sister of Wilma.

This Where's Wenda costume for tween girls is bright and colorful.

Available on Amazon

Wenda dresses just like Waldo, and you can see it in this costume. Except for the blue skirt, she is dressed in a red and white hat, shirt, and tights.  This costume also comes with the signature glasses. Pair this with black flats or black sneakers and the costume is ready to wear. It is available in sizes Small, Medium, and Large.

Twister Costume for Girls

One of the most popular games of all time is Twister. It is perfect for families with kids of all ages, including non-readers. Tweens and teens love to play it because you get into all kinds of distorted positions. There is no wrong way to play this. If you know someone who is a fan of the game, then thre is a Halloween costume that she can wear.

Twister Halloween costume for girls

Available on Halloween Mall

This costume includes the signature board game dress and matching head piece. Add your own colorful tights and accessories to make this an incredibly colorful costume for Halloween.

Beauty and the Beast Live Action Movie Costumes

One of the biggest hits of the spring movie season was Disney’s live action remake of their animated classic Beauty and the Beast.  This tale, which is as old as time, has only gotten better with age. Turing this cartoon favorite into a film people of all ages could enjoy was the perfect twist to freshen it up for modern movie goers.

Disney Beauty and The Beast Live Action Belle's Ball Gown Costume

Find this Belle costume and more here

Beauty and the Beast Halloween costumes for kids have been rebooted and while still the signature colors and look, they have a fresh appeal for today’s tween. Of course, they come in different sizes so that all ages of tweens can wear one.

Disney Sleeping Beauty Tween Costume

Maybe your daughter still loves her Disney princesses, but she does not want to dress up on one of those prissy Disney Store costumes.  Instead, she can wear a more modern and mature looking princess costume and look more her age than she would in layers of tulle and sequins.Modern SLeeping Beauty Halloween costume for tweens.

Available on Amazon

This is an official Disney Princess Aurora Sleeping Beauty costume. It is in her traditional color of pink. So it still has it’s feminine charm without being too little girlish. The dress is pink, white and gold, and when paired with your own pink leggings, it is a fun costume to trick or treat in. The crown is also included in this outfit.

JoJo Siwa Halloween Costume

Dance Moms was a hit for many seasons on the Lifetime Channel. It has talent, it had drama mamas, and it had Abby Lee Miller as the bad guy. The girls worked and worked to be at the top of the weekly pyramid, and mothers would do things behind each other’s backs to ensure that it would happen. For two season, the petite and perky JoJo Siwa, who danced with her signature side pony and hair bows, tried and tried to make the team. She did, but it was not an easy ride to the top since Abby thought she was an undisciplined dancer. While she is not on the show any longer, tween girls still watch her on YouTube and follow her on Instagram. Now they can dress like her for Halloween.

How to create your own JoJO Siwa Halloween costume from easy to find clothing

Photo by JoJo Siwa ( [CC BY-SA 4.0 (],

via Wikimedia Commons

It is easy to put together your very own JoJo Siwa Halloween costume with a few simple clothing pieces that can be worn again and again after Halloween is over. Find out how to do it here.

More Halloween Costume Ideas for Tweens

Just because a movie is not on the silver screen, it does not mean that the characters are not favorites or have been forgotten. Here are some other Halloween costumes for tweens that can be worn this year.

Honey Lemon from Big Hero 6

Go Go Tomago from Big Hero 6

Disgust from Disney/Pixar’s Inside Out

Scarlet Overkill from the Minion Movie

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