Top High School Graduation Gifts

Top High School Graduation Gifts

One of the biggest milestones in a teenager’s life is graduating from high school.  The ages fifteen to eighteen can be somewhat tumultuous years, and  parents finally see the light at the end of the tunnel when their son or daughter walks on the stage to receive the long anticipated diploma in a cap and gown.

Many families have a graduation party, inviting family and friends to share in their joy.  But what should you buy a young man or woman who is about to leave the nest and embark on a college education?  And what do buy the young person who may be taking a gap year, who is not quite ready to go to college or wants to spend a year traveling before returning to the world of formal education?

The gift you give depends upon your relationship with graduate.  A close relative will have a budget that is much different than a neighbor who is invited to the festivities.  A teenager who is invited to a dozen shindigs will have a smaller amount to spend than Grandma and Grandpa.

Here are a few ideas to help you select an appropriate high school graduation present.

High School Students Love Gift Cards

One of the best high school graduation gifts you can buy is a gift card.

Amazon gift cards are the one size fits all graduation present for teens who are going away to college, living at home and attending school or for those who are taking a gap year.  Teens can buy everything from room decor to bedding, extra earbuds to a case of macaroni and cheese.  Even textbooks can be purchased, minimizing the cost of taking a class. It isn’t impersonal at all!  A gift card says, “Buy something from me.”  They can be purchased in any denomination, so it fits your budget as well.   There are many styles of cards from which to choose.

Amazon gift cards are available here.

A Special Gift for High School Girls Heading for College

What does an eighteen year old girl want?  Probably everything!   From jewelry to electronics, there is a wide range of gifts that you can give a young woman about to embark on an exciting future. If you are unsure of what she wants or needs, ask her parents or the graduate herself!
This Sterling Silver heart necklace is an inexpensive gift to give the new graduate.
This is a sterling silver necklace that is budget friendly and perfect to give a young woman who loves jewelry. The pendant is suspended on an 18 curb chain and measures 22mm (7/8 ) in height. You can find it here, as well as other wonderful pieces of jewelry.

A Gift for Boys Graduating High School and Heading Off to College

Some of the things you can select for a girl, like luggage, can easily be purchased for a young man who is on his way to a place of higher education.  If you are in doubt, you can give money, as this is something every teen love.

High School graduation gift for young men and women-luggage that they can store under their beds or in a closet. Perfect for when they go home for the weekend.

This two piece luggage set is from Kohl’s. It comes in many different color combinations. The larger piece expands and has a telescoping handle, and each has front zipper compartments for easy access to important items. Young adults need a good set of travel gear because they will go home for the weekend or they may go home with a roommate or friend if they leave to far away to go home for the holidays. This set can be found here.

Gifts for Graduates Not Going to College

Not everyone goes away to college upon graduation. Some students get a job right out of school while others plan on attending a local community college because they either cannot afford to pay for a four year university or they simply are not ready to live away from home. Then there are those who decide to join the military or travel the world and do volunteer work. A gap year is perfect for those teens not yet ready to make the commitment to continuing their more formal education, or are unsure of what they want to do with their lives. It saves a lot of money for them and their parents.

What should you buy this high school senior?

If they are planning on staying home, they still will need electronic gifts like computers or docking stations.  Gift cards for gas would be welcome, as they will be driving back and forth to school.  Gift cards to repair shops are another present worth wrapping up, as cars will need to have oil changes and other kinds of repairs done.

Another kind of gift card he or she will enjoy receiving are ones to the movies or a local restaurant.  Even though they are living at home, these teens want to have the same social life their peers who are away at school are having.

These high school graduation gifts are something that every young man and woman will appreciate receiving.


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