Totally Tropical Centerpieces for Party Tables

For a totally tropical theme birthday occasion, wedding party, reception or baby shower, you’ll need some suitable centerpieces for your room and your table decor in order to make your venue look really amazing. For this type of occasion and event, you can get many vivid flower centerpieces (either real or silk flowers) fruit displays, miniature palm trees and also beach themed decor such as shells, starfish and sand.

If you only need a small amount in terms of decorations, you could make up some yourself. One popular idea is to fill up some clear, glass jars with natural items such as sand and shells. You can even add a candle in the middle of a suitable heat-proof jar (or use flameless candles) and then scatter some silk flowers around the outside of the jar when it is placed on the table. For larger events like weddings and big parties, making your own party decorations just becomes really impractical unless you have an awful lot of help on hand. So you’ll find a selection of tabletop items and centerpieces to buy on this page.

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Palm Trees for Your Party Decor

Island Trees Can Make a Beautiful and Natural Look Theme

2 Palm Tree Design Candleholders for a Tropical Home

Palm Tree Candle Holders

Palm trees make for a more natural themed event and are a popular choice with the Christmas green and golden brown colors. They can make for quite a sophisticated and grown-up choice and are can be perfect for weddings, bridal showers, Luau parties, adult birthday parties and more. I really like this set of two palm tree candlesticks (candles not included) which would make for very elegant tabletop decorations for a wedding or a more sophisticated event.

If you choose palm trees as your centerpiece decor, you can easily tie in the rest of the venue with greens, browns, creams and golden hues. You will find lots of palm tree decor online. Some of it is loud and fun but there are plenty of elegant pieces too. There is also a more inexpensive shiny foil choice of palm tree (not shown) for the party table which you can normally find as an add-on item to buy.

Bright Tropical Flower Centerpieces

Beautiful Floral Designs can make Sophisticated and Elegant Decor

Perfect for weddings, showers and parties with a splash of color is a tropical flower theme. Tropical flowers like the Hibiscus and Oasis flowers come in a wide array of colors which means you can pick a color scheme that you want for your event.

Tropical flower centerpiece for a party table

Tropical Flower Centerpiece

You could go all out and have bright vivid teal blues, hot pinks, reds and yellows or you could choose simple duo color schemes with a tropical feel such as warm orange and flamingo pink. Real tropical flower centerpieces can be made for you or you can purchase silk flowers months in advance. You can opt for simple but colorful paper pieces like the one shown above or how about making your own up from tropical silk flowers which are easy to get hold of – you could arrange them around a candle in the middle of the table.

Seashells and Starfish for a Fun Beach Theme

Remind guests of a beautiful and lush beach scene by using shells and dried starfish as decorations at your celebratory event. You can simply arrange these jewels of the sea in the middle of each table or you could add them into clear bases or shell themed bowls and containers. I like the idea of buying natural color pillar candles and using some twine or raffia to tie starfish around the middle.

White Linkia Starfish Wedding Decor

White Pencil Starfish

Beach themed items would also look great arranged in small wicker baskets and bowls. You could even go and collect some items like pebbles yourself to use for this occasion. Think about the colors and motifs that can be used at your party and how you can best achieve that.

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