Undertaking Love: Fresh Funny Romance for Your Kindle

Undertaking Love: Fresh Funny Romance for Your Kindle

For lovers of a good fresh romance novel that won’t make you feel like you’ve read the story somewhere before, try Undertaking Love by newcomer Kat French.

Breezy, British, and thoroughly refreshing, this is a romance novel with enough oomph to whisk the storyline through a satisfying 250+ pages.  Bonus points for one of the most hilarious dinner-party-disaster scenes  that’s ever laughed me off my chair.

Plot Summary: Undertaking Love

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In this hilarious romance novel, author Kat French brings an unlikely couple head to head with conflicting goals but a growing mutual attraction. Marla’s the owner of a wedding chapel, Gabriel’s the dashing new guy in town, who opens a funeral home right next door! Will their businesses survive the war between the business owners, not to mention the growing romantic tension?

The quick-twisting main plot pits an ex-pat American, Marla, the love-phobic owner of a Las Vegas style wedding chapel in a Shropshire village, against a dashing funeral director who sets up shop next door.

The funeral home is sure to spell the end of  the Little White Wedding Chapel’s “happy” business.  After all, who wants to hold a wedding with a weeping crowd of mourners in the background, and the bridal limo fighting for parking space with a hearse?

Marla declares full-on war to drive the unwelcome neighbour out of town – but she’s got more trouble on her hands than a few wedding cancellations. The funeral director, Gabriel Ryan, is a wildly attractive Irishman with a hot motorcycle and hotter physique, not to mention the dark gypsy curls and perfect teeth.

Sparks fly between the two business owners – inevitably – in more ways than one.

“The bottom line, Gabe, is this. Your business will kill my business.”

Gabe steepled his fingers in front of him, and any trace of merriment had died in his eyes when he looked up.

“Then we have ourselves a problem.”

Undertaking Love

Book Review: Undertaking Love

Looking for a fast-paced, funny, and nicely steamy story to curl up with on a slow weekend? As a first outing for Kat French, beyond her self-published works in erotic romance under the nom-de-plume Kitty French, Undertaking Love shows a high degree of craftmanship and polish.

North American readers may stumble a bit over the odd British-ism, but nothing insurmountable to anyone who’s chuckled and sniffled their way with pleasure through a Notting Hill style chick flick.  This is not a Millls & Boon romance novel or cosy British mystery, mind you – no formula fiction here!

Undertaking Love is endowed with a cast of eccentric secondary characters you won’t find between the pages of the traditional chick lit romance  – characters like Jonny, the flamboyantly gay wedding celebrant, or Marla’s mother, the aging sex therapist engaged to a taxidermist, or the ethically challenged reporter who fills the requisite role of Mr. Wrong  – each a bright driver of one of the multiple sub-plots woven neatly through the novel.

The language may be a little “salty” for some readers, and there are a few  semi-steamy sex scenes with the metaphorical lights left on – this may not be the right romance to give your prudish Aunt Martha – but it is all in great fun, well written and thoroughly entertaining.

If there are a few notable weak spots for this reader, it’s down to a slightly-too-pat ending that wraps up all the loose ends with a shiny bow on Christmas Eve, and the symbolic lighthouse that’s introduced too late in the plot to fully convince.

  • Author: Kat French
  • Title: Undertaking Love
  • Genre: Romance
  • Format: eBook
  • Publisher: Harper Collins  / Authonomy
  • Publication Date: April 2013
  • Available for Kindle via Amazon: UK, Canada and the USA.

Bottom line?   Undertaking Love unfolds scene after scene like one of the better made-for-TV romantic comedies – a chocolate box of guilty pleasure, and a fine choice of ebook to load on your Kindle for some frankly-girly reading over the holidays.


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