Valentine’s Day Craft Kits for Kids

Valentine’s Day Craft Kits for Kids

Valentine’s Day Craft Kits Make Party Planning and Girl Scout Troop Meetings Easy!

I became a classroom teacher back in 1988.  It was a scary for me at first, but with the support of my co-teachers I made it through. I had never masterminded a class party before, but I had a set of four room moms who were ready and able to help me.  I knew that one day, when I became a mother, that I wanted to be a room mom, too!

As a teacher, my room moms were the backbone for all things related to parties. After our initial meeting at the beginning of the school year to see what I wanted to do, my parents took over all of the planning. My job during the class party was to sit, eat, and let them be in charge for the hour they were there.

Since 2001, when my oldest daughter entered first grade, I have been a room mom. Some years I could only do one party, others I have been the head room mother, coordinating all of the fun activities for the entire school year.

One thing I have learned in all of my room mom experience is that you do not have to spend hours scouring the internet for the perfect craft to create from scratch. There are many ready made craft kits for Valentine’s Day available to purchase at a very reasonable price. Most schools have the room parents collect a few dollars from each child at the beginning of the school year to cover the cost of the class parties. Room parents are to be reimbursed for their expenditures from this money.

These craft kits are also an easy Daisy and Brownie Girl Scout craft to make for your February meeting!

Use Your Room Mom Resources Wisely!

Schools have limits on how much parents can contribute to the class party funds.  The reason behind it is that so all parents can afford to send in money.  Every family’s budget is different, and while some can afford to donate ten or more dollars, others are stretched with a five dollar request.  Multiply that by how many children in the family are attending school, and you have to be realistic with the monetary contribution you request.

Many schools have four or five parties, so as the Room Mom, you have to make those dollars last from September to June.  Craft kits are budget friendly and ensure that you are getting a good quality product at a bulk price.

Leftover kits can be given to the teacher so she can do the craft with her kids or grandkids, or donated to a fundraiser gift basket.

Make a Valentine’s Day Mailbox

When I taught elementary school, the favorite part of the Valentine’s Day party was not the food, it was the valentines! The rule was that each child could either bring in a card for everybody or nobody.  This was much different than my growing up years, when feelings got hurt when people did not give you any cards, only their friends.

This Valentine’s Day mailbox is really fun to make and was a craft I did with my class for years.  The children decorated a pink paper bag and then glued all kinds of heart decorations on them.  When they were finished, the kids taped them to the outside of their desk and their classmates would deliver the cards to them.  It was lots of fun!

When I gave them to okay, they tore into their bags to see which ones they were given, and to eat any chocolate or lollipop treats that were attached to the card.  I sent them home happy and all sugared up!

Materials for the Mailbox

While these are not sold as individual kits, this easy craft for Valentine’s Day only requires two things-a paper bag and stickers.  If you want, you can prepackage them into baggies so children receive the same amount of stickers.  This will save time in class and ensure that no one is a sticker hog!


500 Colorful Funky Heart Stickers from Amazon


You can use the Big Value White Paper Crafting Bags 40/pk for the bag and you are set for the party!

Ready Made Craft Kits

Let’s be honest…many kids happily give their classmates and friends a Valentine’s Day card, but probably forget all about Mom and Dad.  These craft kits will ensure that when the child leaves school at the end of the day, his or her parents are remembered!  Children can write their name and the year on it so they have a keepsake.

All of these kits are budget friendly and will not use up a large amount of your allocated party money.


  Foam Shapes 35/Pkg, Hearts from Amazon

When you need quantity, this set of foam hearts is the right one for you!  Children can write a message on one side, add some foam stickers, and then place a magnet strip on the back. You can even have them glue a photo on the front. How easy is that?

Conversation heart craft kit s are perfect for Valentine's Day parties.

Available on Amazon

This conversation heart frame craft kit is perfect for class parties and Girl Scout troops. It comes with 12 frames and all the pieces are individually packaged for each child. You can take a picture and print it out or just wrap it up for a child to give a parent or grandparent for Valentine’s Day.

There is no limit on what kinds of crafts you can do with kids for Valentine’s Day!

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