Quality Valentine’s Day Gifts Under 10 Dollars

Quality Valentine’s Day Gifts Under 10 Dollars

Quality Valentine’s Day Gifts Under 10 Dollars

There is a lot of pressure surrounding Valentine’s Day.  This holiday, which can trace its roots back to the Romans who lived in the 5th century, has evolved into a Hallmark holiday with high expectations.  Expensive restaurant dinners, lavish jewelry, or an overnight getaway can be expected by one person. If the couple has been in a long term relationship, then an engagement ring may be anticipated on this special day.

If these hopes are not met, then instead of romance, there can be disappointment and bitterness. This is a big misfire of Cupid’s arrow!

Many people equate how much money is spent on a gift to how much their partner loves them. Nothing can be further from the truth! It is not love you want if you expect your partner to go into debt just so you can brag about what you received as a gift.

If you are on a budget, but still want to give the person you love a token of your affection, here are some Valentine’s Day gift ideas that cost under 10 dollars. It is possible to show your love and affection without having to get a second job.

There are many symbols associated with Valentine’s Day. Cupid with his bow and arrow, a bouquet of flowers, and the most iconic of them all, the heart.  Just stroll down any aisle in a big box store, and you will see shelf after shelf of gifts wrapped in red that are either heart shaped or have hearts on them (typically in red or pink).  Even major department stores have displays in the front that feature clothing that is just for this special holiday.

But why is the heart the symbol people think of first?

According to this article written by Dr. Sheldon Cherry, in ancient times, people believed all emotions that people felt came directly from the heart, not the brain. Because the pull of love is so intense, the heart became the symbol of love.

So when you give someone a gift in the shape of a heart, you are representing how you feel about him or her. You are giving to this person the most precious gift you can give, your love.

Giving the woman who has captured your heart a piece of jewelry in the shape of a heart does not have to be expensive.

Please note that some of these items cost over ten dollars at the time this article was written (January 2018) You may have additional shipping costs, but the overage is minimal.

Heart Shaped Jewelry

Stainless Steel Necklace With Heart Charm 

Necklaces are the perfect piece of jewelry because everyone can wear one. It compliments any outfit and rarely gets in the way of a person being able to do her job, they way a bracelet of a too long pair of earrings can interfere.

Made of sturdy stainless steel, this 18 inch necklace is a cable chain with a toggle clasp. It has almost a perfect rating from dozens of customer reviews. This piece of jewelry is sure to “charm” the person who receives it. Perfect for teenage girls!

High Polished Stainless Steel Heart Charm Cable Chain Necklace with Toggle Clasp (Length: 18″) from Amazon

Diamond Accent Austrian Crystals Heart Shape Pendant Necklace

Here is another beautiful option in jewelry that has not only received many positive reviews from hundreds of customers, but is on a fantastic sale.  It will look like you spent a lot, but only you will know that you did not!

KATGI Fashion White Gold Plated Diamond Accent Austrian Crystals Heart Shape Pendant Necklace from Amazon

This white gold plated necklace comes in many different colors, not just the sky blue crystal pictured here. It comes in a gift pouch so all you need to do is give it to your beloved!


Sterling Silver Plated Heart Shaped Dangle Earrings

Earrings are the perfect gift to give if someone has their ears pierced. Since many women have multiple holes in their ears, a pair of dangle earrings can be used as the featured in the first hole.

These pair of earrings has a width of 1.0 cm  and a height of 1.3 cm. They are nickel-free and come in a gift pouch ready for the holiday@

Available on Amazon


There is something romantic about giving the one you love a box of chocolates. It is a symbol of how sweet you think your beloved it.

Historically, chocolate was thought to be an aphrodisiac by the Aztec ruler, Montzuma. It became popular among the royal court in Spain after Christopher Columbus brought it back from his travels. It was the treat to have if you were part of the upper class.

Over time, it did make it way to every social class. The Cadbury Brothers of England created the first heart shaped box for the February 14th holiday back in 1861, and it was there that the tradition began.

Valentine's Day chocolates for under $10

Available on Amazon

This box of Sherwood’s Milk Chocolate Sea Shells With a Luxurious Hazelnut filling contains Europeanan milk chocolate. Yum!

The Gift of Music

Do you have a special song, band or decade that you share with your beloved?  The gift of music can be played over and over again, wherever you are-in the car, in the backyard, or in the house.

This CD contains 14 classic love songs from various decades.

Love Songs: 14 All Time Favorite from Amazon

Showing your love and affection on Valentine’s Day does not mean having to spend a fortune. These gifts are all that you need to show that you care.


So Why Do We Give Chocolate for Valentine’s Day? 

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