Valentine’s Day Inflatable Decorations

Valentine’s Day Inflatable Decorations

Valentine’s Day Inflatables Brighten Up Your Home

Growing up in the 1970’s, we did not decorate our apartment for any holiday-unless you count the four cardboard Halloween cutouts that my mom taped to our front door every October. This kind of thing was not done for my brother and me.

When Chanukkah arrived, the only decoration for the holiday that was set out was a shiny blue foil “Happy Chanukah” banner that my mom taped across our living room wall. That was about all any Jewish family could find for the Festival of Lights, as it was not as commercialized as it is today.

Even my non-Jewish neighbors in the concrete jungle where I resided only had decorations for Christmas. Top to bottom foil door hangings that featured Santa Claus or a Christmas tree and a string of multi-colored lights around the window were the only way you could tell that it was Christmas.-

If you owned your own home, decorating your yard for the holiday season used to mean only at Christmas, and once the lights and candy canes came down, that was it until next year. There was a feeling of disappointment that set in once the last lights were safely put away; some call it “the post-Christmas blues”, since there was no other time of year that your home, both inside and out, does your house look so festive.

As a child, I looked forward to Valentine’s Day, as it was a time for conversation hearts, chocolate, and those adorable small paper valentine’s that were exchanged in class. Our teachers would decorate the classroom with paper hearts. My parents did not do anything special for the holiday, and my home showed no signs that the holiday for love was arriving.

Over the years, that has changed. Manufacturer’s have created string light sets and themed lights, festive flags, and other outdoor yard decorations for every single holiday. There is no need to feel sad after the tree has been put away. Look ahead to the next holiday on the calendar-Valentine’s Day! With Inflatable yard decorations for Valentine’s Day, stay in the holiday spirit with the day that celebrates love.

Valentine's Day inflatable puppy for your yard

4 Foot Inflatable Puppy from Amazon

How to Use and Care for Your Inflatables

Purchasing an outdoor inflatable is an investment, and just like anything else you purchase, you will need to take care of it properly in order to use it year after year. Although they are made for outdoor use, if your winters are excessively harsh with below zero temperatures, these will not work properly. You can use them indoors, instead.

Setting up your inflatable, no matter what the size, is a fairly easy process. They are made that way so that there is no frustration on the part of the customer. Simply remove the contents from the box and examine that them to make sure that they are all there.

Once you are sure everything is there, take the inflatable outside to set it up and lay it flat on the ground in an unobstructed area. Any clips or stakes that come with the six foot characters should be placed where the directions tell you to put them, and make sure the zipper is closed all the way.

Then, plug it into the nearest outlet and watch it inflate! Kids get a kick out of seeing this inflated, as they are enamored with everything that blows up (balloons, punching bags, etc).

To deflate, simply unplug the fan unit. Fold it up properly, place back in the box it arrived in, and store it. That’s it!

Valentine's Day Inflatable hearts for your yard

6 Foot Long Valentine’s Day Inflatable Love Hearts Cloud from Amazon


How to Set Up Your Inflatables

No one will miss how much you enjoy Valentine’s Day with this inflatable! It  is 4 feet tall. It is made from weather resistant polyester, so it can withstand the extreme cold of northern climates and the heat of southern ones. It comes with it’s own fan to blow the air and keep it inflated.

Not only does it also come with tethers to keep it firmly in the ground, this Valentine’s Day decoration also lights up! So when the sun goes down early, your decor can still be seen by everyone who drives by.

heart inflatable

4 Foot Valentine’s Inflatable Sweetheart Yard Decoration and others

can be found on Amazon


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