Valentine’s Day Party Favors for Kids

Valentine’s Day Party Favors for Kids

One of my jobs as a Head Room Mom is to coordinate parties for the teacher. Several times a year, it is my job to send out emails to the parents who have signed up to be at the party and have them select what they want to do. There is always a choice of what food to bring, what games to plan and what crafts or favors to buy.

Elementary school kids really do not need too much to make them happy and occupied at a class party, because they are so excited not to be doing classwork! Since they are usually over eager and a bit hyper, keeping them busy every minute of the one hour party is imperative to maintain control. This is a time for the teacher to kick back and relax, not to maintain decorum. As a school volunteer, you do not want to get a reputation that you cannot run a good party, as that will follow you as your children go from grade to grade.

Some room moms have given the children crafts to do that are their party favors, while others have beautifully packaged items given to the children as one of the last activities of the party.

Here are some ideas for Valentines Day party favors that you can give out to children this year.

Staying on Budget

Careful financial planning with party funds is important!

Whether you are hosting a party in your home or are in charge of the class party, there are several decisions to be made about what to buy. First of all, there is the budget. It is the job of the Head Room Mother to tell parents the budget for the party and to let parents know that they have to keep in line with it. Because schools have rules for how much money can be collected from each child, the amount given in September has to last all the way through June. Given that there are parties for Halloween, in December for the winter celebrations, Valentine’s Day, Spring holidays and then the end of the year, management of the funds collected is paramount.

I know that most of the moms who volunteer stay on budget, and if they go over, then they just eat the difference. No one wants to be the one to bankrupt the party money in the fall, leaving nothing to work with in the warmer months!

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Wrap It Up!

Face it, no matter if you are giving an adult a party favor or a child, the presentation speaks volumes! If you want to WOW the kids and are on a budget, spend a little bit on the goody bag itself. Nothing says love like a cello bag tied with ribbon! It looks like you spent a lot of time and money, but in reality, you did not!

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How to Pick the Right Favor

Now that you have a budget for the party, you have to make sure that you buy items that are both fun and functional. Candy is an edible treat, but since there will be food at the Valentine’s day party, you may not want to use the funds you have on edible party favors.

You also have to consider the age of the children. The items you buy for the goody bags will be different for kindergartners and first graders than it is for fifth graders who are in their last year of elementary school. If something is fragile, it is best not to buy it for younger children, as they cannot handle things that break all that well. If it too babyish, then don’t bother buying it for fifth graders, who will be insulted at being given an item that is clearly meant for those who are younger.

When in doubt, you can ask your own kids their opinions if you are unsure of what to buy!

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More Valentine’s Day Party Favor Ideas

Here are just a few of the many options you have to put inside the goody bags. When you make one, be sure to make an extra for the teacher! If she has young children at home or grandchildren who live nearby, be a mensch and make bags for them, too. Take it from someone who adored having her daughter thought of at each class party my room moms had. Bringing home a goody bag for my girl made her feel extra special!

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