7 Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Mom That Will Make Her Happy

7 Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Mom That Will Make Her Happy

Everybody is busy looking for Valentine gifts for their loved ones, but do not forget to include your mom in your list. She is the first woman in your life and she is the one that taught you how to love and to be loved. She is really your first true love. Your mom gives you a genuine love that will never change – no matter what happens. You meet people that you will fall in love with but no matter how many people you meet, she will be there loving you all the time.

Surprise her with a Valentine gift that is memorable and romantic. Your mom will surely appreciate a Valentine gift from her precious child. We at Kathln.com had researched seven gift ideas she will definitely love (aside from the traditional flowers). Here they are:

1. Tote Bag. A simple tote bag can be a unique Valentine gift idea for your mom. Tote bags are so versatile and durable. She can use it when going out with friends or doing her groceries. It is very useful and also a practical gift to give her. Just look for a cute and lovely design. She is the only one that loves you unconditionally. Whether you made mistakes or have an achievement of some sort – she still loves you back.

2. Valentine Themed Coasters. Instead of giving her chocolates and fresh flowers, have something that she can use every day. Practical Valentine gifts are much better than gifts that will not last. Coasters can remind her of how sweet and thoughtful you are. Your dad and mom can have a romantic lunch or dinner together with these coasters on the table. Look for Valentine themed coasters or ones that have a floral design.

3. Personalized Coffee Mug. This is the safest gift that you can give her. Mugs are common gift ideas but having it personalized will make is very special. Customize a mug by adding photos of her or both of you. It will remind her of how dear you are and if she misses you it will somehow give her comfort. She will enjoy her coffee more whenever she uses a very sweet mug from a very special person in her life.

4. Red Wine. It is a nice idea to give her sweet wines. Researchers say that wine is good for our hearts. But remind your mom that she has to drink it in moderation. Everything that is too much is bad so make sure to remind her. Steak is best with wine. Celebrate Valentine’s Day with the best tasting wine. Look for her favorite wine that she likes to drink. She will surely appreciate this gift idea. You can combine it with a special meal, a bouquet of flowers and romantic music. You mom deserves to be treated like she is special.

5. Cute Bear Plush. She is not too old for cute gifts like a cuddly bear plush. It is something that she can hug when she feels lonely or when she misses you. Give her something that she can cuddle if she feels alone. A bear can be your substitute if you can’t be with your mom to hug her. This gift idea can be combined with chocolates and fresh flowers. Make her feel loved and special.

6. Sun Catcher. Give her something that will beautify her house. A decorative sun catcher is absolutely a wonderful Valentine gift that you can give your mom. It creates a wonderful decoration that will adorn her living room or any corner of her house. It makes a lovely reflection when the sunlight passes through it.  It is a keepsake that will be loved and kept by your mom. She will feel great whenever she sees this wonderful gift.

7. Heart Shaped Necklace. She gave you the best love that she can give so gift her with the best present that you can give her on Valentine’s Day. She will always love you. Assure her that you will always be her child and she will always be in your heart. Look for a heart shaped necklace pendant that will represent your love for her. She will appreciate your gift and this will remind her how much her child loves her.

Your mom is a very special person. You learn how to love and to be loved because of her. She loves you unconditionally and, no matter what happens, you will always be in her heart. Valentine’s Day is not just for lovers. Give time to celebrate this day with your mom. Make her feel valued and loved just on Valentine’s Day but every day.


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