Are Vintage Herb Alpert Records Worth Anything?

Are Vintage Herb Alpert Records Worth Anything?

Herb Alpert records do have value? Have you ever sifted through the vintage vinyl record bins? If you have, I bet you’ve noticed more than few of Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass records in those bins.

I used to think this glut of Alpert was due to perhaps his music going out of style, or frankly people just didn’t want the records anymore.

This line of thinking could be true of course, but when you realize how many records Alpert sold in the 60’s, over 60 Million, and only The Beetles, Elvis Presley, and Frank Sinatra sold more than Herb during the decade, you quickly realize this guy was mega popular.

Now when it comes to the re-sale value of his records, this popularity is a double edge sword, yes Alpert’s music was and is very popular, but a lot of his vinyl slabs are out there.

The demand is there, but so is the supply, so this has driven the cost way down on most of the vintage vinyl. This is good news if you’re a buyer, but not so much if you are selling them. So, what are the best Herb Alpert albums to sell?

Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass: Whipped Cream and Other Delights

This Record features one of the most recognizable album covers in pop music history, which adds an extra appeal as cover art to be displayed in an office or man cave. The music as it happens, is quite good, and features a myriad of re-worked pop tunes of the day.The value of Herb Alpert Records

I’ve personally sold probably 100 copies of Whipped cream over the years, and I don’t think I’ve ever received less than $7.99 for it.

These were strong VG+ Copies, not mint, but displayable and playable. Fact is, you won’t get rich selling these.

If you find them for a dollar a piece in a local thrift store, you’ll be able to turn a profit, assuming its a clean lightly used copy. More than a few times I’ve scored over 10 bucks for one of these. And have sold many of them as cover only.

You might also try selling them as a multi record lot. People are looking for bargains, but if you can find them cheap enough you can still turn a profit. If you’re looking for your own collection, you will probably be able to get a nice size lot for under 25 dollars. Perhaps all of his 60’s and 70’s music at once.

Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass: Going Places

This Record Going Places features classic to-be-on-TV jingles like “Tijuana Taxi” and “Spanish Flea” and also a very colorful 60’s style cover. This record can easily bring you 5-7 dollars if it is a 60’s A&M copy. Both Mono and Stereo sell well for this and Whipped Cream.Herb Alpert Vinyl with Vintage Price Tag

While I have vinyl copies of all of Herb’s Music, I have become so fond of it, I went out and purchased the CD remasters as well, and enjoy the music on my iPod as I write this article.

Fact is, I have found no other music like this to lift my spirits when I’m down. Yes it is bubbly and cheerful, and perhaps too much so for many, but when I need a pick me up it does the trick.

Value of All the Rest of Herb Alpert’s Vinyl?

Honestly, when considering the possible re-sale of the rest of the Alpert vintage vinyl catalog, it has been my experience you’re dealing with 3 or 4 dollars a record. As mentioned, these were highly popular records, and were bought in droves.Herb Alpert's Ninth: Underrated Masterpiece.

My personal favorite Alpert album is Herb Alpert’s Ninth, his last classic album until 1979’s Rise. All the albums are very good and have their own unique appeal. The Lonely Bull with its traditional Mexican sound, as well as Vol.2. Each album after the debut, seems to get a little further away from that Mexican sound, and heads closer to the original pop sound that is fully his own, and sold 72 Million albums worth of.

In the 70’s Herb began to merge funkier R&B elements into the music, along with Caribbean island sounds. These are all very good, and are actually a little harder to find, but the demand isn’t there, so you are still dealing with similar prices, 3 or 4 bucks a record.

If you’re lucky enough to find any Alpert record still sealed, you could ask 3 or 4 times the normal amount. But oddly enough, most of the time I’ve had sealed copies, they never seem to bring more than a few dollars more.

Below please enjoy my favorite Herb Alpert track.

Is it Worth Your Time Digging For These Records?

Well yes it’s worth the time, for the music alone! I bet you could get the entire catalog in a matter of months just searching the local Goodwill and Salvation Army thrift stores in your area. Just be sure to grade under bright light and stay away from deep needle scratches, thin whispy marks should be OK, if not too plentiful.

You could make a little bit of a monetary profit off of these, but what I personally gained taking a chance on these records some 10 years ago, was many hours of enjoyment from a very distinctive trumpeter and a band totally unique for the time period.

Had I not spun that first copy of Whipped Cream, I might not have ever known just how vibrant and full of life the music actually is.

You can find most of this music CD remastered, streamed, or in vinyl form on Amazon. Check it out for yourself.


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