Wallykazam Party Ideas

Wallykazam Party Ideas

Planning a child’s birthday party is a lot of fun.  From my own personal experience, picking a theme makes the planning go even more smoothly, as everything revolves around a particular character, television program or movie.  From there, you are only limited by your imagination.

One of the most popular new children’s programs on Nick Junior’s lineup is a program called Wallykazam.  It stars Wally Trollman and his friends, who are sprites, ogres, and other mythical creatures. It is a program that was created to teach pre-reading skills to children ages 3-7.  Using his magic stick, words come to life.  All of the words in each episode have something in common. For example, one episode featured words with the consonant blend “sp”, while another had words that rhyme with each other.

If your child loves the show, here are some ideas for you to use to create a magical Wallykazam party of your own.

Wallykazam Birthday Party Invitations

There are many crafty mamas out there who are creating their own Wallykazam birthday party invitations.  They come in different styles and matching thank you cards are also available.

Wallykazam Party Supplies and Paper Goods

While there is no official Wallykazam themed party goods available yet, you can create a theme around the colors of the two main characters, Wally and his dragon, Norville.  Wally is blue with brown clothing and Norville is orange with yellow polka dots.

Since Wally is blue, setting the table with paper goods in this color is one way to establish your theme.  He wears brown clothing, so the tablecloth can be brown or even orange, like Norville.

Blue Party Supplies from Amazon

If your guests are over the age of four, then spreading alphabet confetti on the table will make it pop.

Games to Play at a Wallykazam Party

Since the purpose of Wallykazam is to teach children about the letters of the alphabet and words, many of the games that you plan can involve this theme. The children will be learning and they will not even know it!

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

Before the party, scatter these magnetic alphabet letters in your backyard or in a room or two of your house if the party is being held indoors. Give each child a small bag with handles (it is easier to grip than a brown lunch bag) to collect the letters and tell them they have to find as many letters as they can.

These letters are perfect for an alphabet game for your child's Wallykazam party.

Magnetic Letters from Amazon

Pin the Dot on the ‘i”

Using poster board, make a giant lower case letter “i”, with a large empty circle for the dot.   Cut out black circles for each child.  Place Scotch tape on each “i” and after blindfolding the child, see if they can place the smaller black circle into the empty one on the letter.

Alphabet Relay Race

This is just a variation of a regular relay race.  Divide children into teams and have them race to one end of the lawn where there are letters in a bowl.  They have to take one letter and bring it back to the empty bowl that is on the side where their team is waiting. The first team to run back and retrieve all of their letters wins.

Wallykazam Craft Ideas

A crafting station is another way to pass the time  at a party. The children can take away something they did with their own hands and it can also double as a party favor to make your life easier.

Alphabet Pillow Cases

Alphabet Sponges from Amazon

Using alphabet sponges and fabric paint, have children make alphabet pillow cases.  Make sure to have smocks available, wipes for hands, and to do this activity outdoors if possible or in a room prepared for preschoolers and paint.  Write each child’s name with a Sharpie on the edge before beginning this craft.  If you do not want to do pillowcases, then you can do tee shirts as another option.

Decorate Alphabet Cookies

Before the party, bake cookies with the first initial of each guest’s name.  They can use frosting and alphabet sprinkles to decorate them.  Put their name on the paper plate they are working on…this avoids confusion if more than one child has the same initial. This can wrapped up to be taken home or eaten during the food part of the party.

Bake alphabet cookies for kids to decortate for your child's Wallykazam birthday party.

Alphabet Cookie Cutters from Amazon

Food to Serve

There are a variety of different alphabet cookies that children can snack on, like Trader Joe’s Schoolhouse Cookies, Newman’s Own and Sesame Street. Cheese-It Scrabble Junior crackers that have the letters imprinted on them, and you can also serve Alpha-Bits cereal as a sweet snack as well.

If you are looking for something different to serve, then these alphabet pretzels, which you can purchase by the poundare a salty alternative to serve with the cake.


These gummy letters can be bagged up and put in the goody bag or served in a bowl for snacking as well.


Wallykazam Party Favors

Books make the perfect party favor. They can be opened again and again and parents do not mind having books around the house. This Wallykazam book, as well as others, make are just right for both boys and girls.

Wallykazam Books Available on Amazon


Alphabet stickers are also another party favor option, as well as sending children home with their own set of magnetic letters.

Wallykazam is a fun theme for your child’s party!

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