Warehouses vs Shipping Containers – What’s Best for Storage?

Warehouses vs Shipping Containers – What’s Best for Storage?

In the world of storage there are various types available, but depending on what you want the storage for, each one has its merits and drawbacks. In this article we’re looking at two of the most popular storage methods, warehouses and shipping containers, to see which one is best for storage and why.

Size Matters with Storage

For any kind of storage, whether it’s personal belongings, furniture or business assets, it’s important to consider the size of space you need for storage, as this can be a big deciding factor in finding the most suitable storage.

If you’re a business who requires a large amount of storage for products, equipment or machinery, then renting space in a warehouse could be cost effective. However, it’s also worth noting that if you don’t utilise all of the warehouse space you will still be paying for the cost of the unused storage.

This is where shipping containers can be useful, as they to come in a variety of different sizes and offer surprisingly large amounts of storage space. Plus, you can rent them in multiples, increasing or decreasing your storage space as required, so you’re only paying for actual space used.

Accessibility of Storage

However, the other aspect for consideration is accessibility. With some shipping containers you may find that once items have been put into storage at the shipping container facility, you can only gain access by completely withdrawing all items. Which is fine in some cases, but if you require regular access it can be a drawback. However a way round this could be to use mobile shipping containers in a location where you can readily access your items when you need to.

On the flip side, with a warehouse you should in most cases be able to have continual access to your storage when you want. Although some warehouses may apply restrictions for out of hours access, so it’s always worth checking the facilities terms and conditions beforehand.

Factor in the Cost

As with anything in business and life in general, cost is always a factor. Everyone is always looking to keep the overheads down and make savings, which is where shipping containers win out for storage solutions.

They not only offer a great deal of flexibility and storage space, but also deliver a far more cost effective storage solution as you pay for the exact amount of space you need, for the exact period of time you need.

With warehouse storage you not only have to factor in the rental costs, but also additional costs for security and possibly manpower, whether it’s at full capacity or not. In addition, you may find that you’re tied into a longer contract than your storage requirements.

In summary, if you’re looking for affordable and flexible storage solutions where regular access isn’t necessarily required, shipping containers really are the best storage solution you can get. But at the same time warehouses can provide better access with just as much flexibility for a growing business.

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