The Weirdest Items Found in Storage Units

With numerous reality TV shows such as Storage Wars, Auction Hunters and Storage Hoarders that have hit the UK from the US, it seems there is an increasing fascination with what treasures can be found in abandoned storage units that are auctioned off. Whilst some of these are truly remarkable, others are a little more off the scale with weirdness!

Top Storage Finds that are Really Weird

An Abandoned Storage Unit with 250 Michael Jackson Songs

One lucky buyer in America got his hands on an abandoned storage unit that had belonged to Michael Jackson’s father, Joe Jackson. Once the doors opened this buyer hit the jackpot as he found over 250 original songs written and sung by Michael Jackson that had never been released. Due to the fact they were recorded whilst he was between contracts, no record company could lay claim to them, making this a find a real ‘Thriller’.

This was a Really Explosive Find

Whilst it isn’t unusual to find guns and ammunition in a lot of American lockers, one man had a bit of a shocking discovery when he found a hand grenade right behind the locked doors of the unit. Thankfully, experts were called straight in to detonate the live explosive before it went off. Luckily no one was harmed.

Stolen Comic Book Worth a Cool Million Dollars

Now this one is just a bizarre twist of fate. In 2011, one storage locker buyer thought all his Christmases had come at once when he found the first ever Superman Action Comics #1 issue in a storage unit. Exciting find, huh. However, he wasn’t able to cash in on this truly rare find. It turned out that this comic was in fact a million dollar comic book that had been bought by someone called Nicolas who had reported it stolen from his home in 2000. So you don’t get anything for finding stolen goods that are worth this much.

Who Would Believe that a Rare Vintage Car Was Left Behind

Amazingly enough, a 1937 Bugatti 57S car was discovered in storage in the UK, where it had laid untouched since the fifties. After the death of the storage garage owner, his nephew discovered the car. With just a handful of them ever made, it is now thought to be worth over £6 million.

A Storage Find not for the Faint of Heart

Now this is a truly weird turn of events, where a family stored their grandmother’s body in a storage unit for over 17 years. It’s thought that the original intention was to store the body there in its casket while funeral arrangements were made, but for some reason the body was never buried. It was only on being informed that the storage unit would be auctioned off that the family got in touch to say the contents couldn’t be auctioned as they contained a dead body!

The Ultimate Treasure Chest

Finally, one of the greatest finds has got to be a collection of bona fide treasure discovered in San Jose that contained over $500,000 worth of rare coins along with silver and gold bars.

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