Why Littlest Pet Shop Toys Are Popular With Little Girls?

Why Littlest Pet Shop Toys Are Popular With Little Girls?

I grew up in the 1970’s, so I didn’t have the opportunity to enjoy playing with the Littlest Pet Shop toys, but I can clearly see why there is so much fascination with the toy franchise. It would have been great to have these Littlest Pet Shop toys. I never was a Barbie girl but these little characters would have please me. To tell the truth, I do have some LPS at home, and I could easily become addicted to these cute little toys.

Littlest Pet Shop Toys: Capturing Your Imagination

Little girls from all over the world love Littlest Pet shop since they love to play with animals. It doesn’t matter if the pets are real or make believe. With over 3,000 different pets available, there is a wide array of pets to choose from. Many little girls are obsessed with getting as many of these pets as part of their collection.

As a little girl I  remember being attracted to very bright colors, and that’s exactly what Littlest Pet Shop has captured with their toy line. The use of bright colors such as purple, pink, and green make the characters “pop” and come to life. It draws in the imagination of little girls and captures their attention.

Littlest Pet Shop: Television Show

What has increased the popularity is the emergence of the new television show that was launched in 2012 on the Hub Network. With little girls and even boys watching this television show daily, it has led to a huge surge in sales and demand for the products. The fact that the main character in the television show is able to communicate with the pets, also gives intrigue to little girls from all across the world. They too want to re-create the scenes they’ve seen on the show and talk to their pets from the Littlest Pet shop.

For those of you who’ve tuned into the television show, you would realize that the main plot line is to “save the pets” since the Littlest Pet Shop is facing competition from a bigger pet store. As a little girl once myself, I know how much emotion can be unraveled when something you “love” is being taken away, and I truly believe that little girls who watch this show are so in tune with the story line, that they feel like they must be a part of it.

This kind of emotion leads to parents being nudged by their daughters to get the latest pet collection from the Littlest Pet Shop. There is also been huge demand for Littlest Pet shop themed parties as well, where you can dress up as your favorite characters from the show. Of course, for those that watch the television show most girls will want to play the role of Blythe who lives in an apartment above the Littlest Pet Shop.

To be fair, it’s not only little girls that love Littlest Pet Shop, as many young adults that would have grown up watching the older version of the television show have been collecting the pets for years as well, and will continue to do so, as it’s a hobby and passion for them.

Without a doubt, the Littlest Pet Shop toys are a great gift for little girls and even some older teens who like to collect “cute” things. The fandom even extend to DIYer’s who like to make OOAK and custom LPS.

What To Buy?

If you have access to a Toy’s R Us, Walmart or Target, look for the exclusive Littlest pet Shop toys. Also check eBay and Amazon, you can get gently played with exclusives as well as some of the harder to find Littlest Pet Shop toys. If your kid likes to play with her friends, she’ll be happy to get some exclusive figures her friends may not have.

Avoid paying too much for those annual Advent Calendars: they only includes 3 figurines, the remaining of the calendar is filled with accessories. Although your little girl will be thrilled to find 24 little toys, the money would be better spend on other sets. Or another brand of Advent Calendars (such as Playmobil or Lego that now make great calendar geared toward girls).

If you are buying and reselling to make a profit, I suggest you don’t hold on too long before reselling. I doubt the market will stay strong for long. Little girls are known to switch from one favorite toy to another rather quickly. And what is hot now will be laugh at tomorrow.

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