Project Weather Scholarships Available

Project Weather Scholarships Available

College Cash for Florida High School Seniors

Education is an expensive proposition these days. If you’re a high school senior who could use an extra $1,000.00 for college, this may be your lucky day.  Project Weather wants to help.

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Each year, two central Florida TV stations have presented a Project Weather ONE THOUSAND DOLLAR SCHOLARSHIP to each of sixteen college-bound high school seniors, and they’re doing so again for the 2013-2014 school year.

Are you a good science student? Does meteorology interest you? Read on to see if you qualify, and what you need to do to apply!





Who is Eligible?

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It’s a wonderful thing to see a community effort to encourage excellence in education, and particularly in science, which often gets overlooked in favor of more ‘glamorous’ pursuits. We need ALL the new engineers and scientists we can get.

AND it’s an even more wonderful thing to see those students who excel in these areas. They work HARD to learn and apply themselves to a subject area that some of us see as a lot more difficult than say, the humanities. It takes a lot of perseverance to qualify for a science related scholarship – and more still to get a degree in ‘hard’ science. If YOU (or your child) can qualify even to apply for this award, then KUDOS to you!

YOU are eligible to apply if you are a high school senior attending any school within the viewing area of CF News 13 or Bay News 9.

Here are the qualifications:

1 – You must now be a 12th grader in a public, private, or parochial school in one of these Florida counties:

CF NEWS 13 Area Counties:  Brevard – Flagler – Lake – Marion – Orange – Osceola – Seminole – Sumter – Volusia
BAY NEWS 9  Area Counties:   Citrus –  Hernando –  Hillsborough – Manatee –  Pasco – Pinellas – Polk

2 – You must have a minimum 3.5 (B+) average on a 4.0 scale.

3 – You must have “knowledge and Participation in science activities both at school and outside school.”

4 – You can’t be an immediate family member of someone who works for the television station or who will be responsible for judging


ONE student from each of the above counties will be awarded $1,000.00 cash to use for school.


Project Weather Scholarship Application Requirements

The following items must be submitted by Mar 1 2014:

1 – A completed entry form, which is available HERE for CF News 13 viewers and HERE for Bay News 9 viewers.

2 – Your most recent high school transcript, proving the qualifying Grade Point Average.

3 – A 300 – 500 word essay on why you deserve the scholarship.

4 – A Letter of Recommendation from a current high school teacher. (250 words or less)

If you want to enter, you should also read the detailed version of the Project Weather Scholarship rules on the television station’s website.


Write  Your Best Essay Ever!

Make sure your essay is the best work you can do, as it counts for 40% of your score! It must be written in English, on 8.5″ x 11″ paper. It may be typed or neatly hand written.  Make sure it’s your very best work in terms of and  1) Material organization; 2) Vocabulary and style; 3) Grammar, punctuation and spelling; and 4) Neatness.

Get help or coaching on this -even if you are confident you are a good writer! If you know someone who is a published author, show them the judging guidelines, and have them critique it for you. Or, maybe your English or Creative Writing teacher would do this for you.

Short of a professional coach, there are books on writing an essay available at your library, local bookstore, or Amazon.

One of those, “The Elements of Style,”  has long been an essential part of most every writer’s library. (It’s also one you’re likely to find on your list of books to buy for at least one college English class.)


   Ready, Set, Go Get that Scholarship!

Time has a way of slipping away, and before you know it, that March 1 deadline will be here.  If you’d like to be considered for one of the Project Weather Scholarship awards, getting started well ahead of time is a good idea.

Start by visiting the Bay News 9 or CF News 13 website to read up on the official rules and instructions, and to download the application form.

If you do decide to enter, congratulations on your decision, and good luck to you!



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